Di Sinclair-Thomas Photography: Blog http://disinclairthomasphotography.zenfolio.com/blog en-us (C) Di Sinclair-Thomas Photography diatom71@bigpond.com (Di Sinclair-Thomas Photography) Thu, 01 Mar 2018 06:42:00 GMT Thu, 01 Mar 2018 06:42:00 GMT http://disinclairthomasphotography.zenfolio.com/img/s/v-5/u760356791-o407486736-50.jpg Di Sinclair-Thomas Photography: Blog http://disinclairthomasphotography.zenfolio.com/blog 120 80 MSWA Swim http://disinclairthomasphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2018/3/mswa-swim On Saturday, 24 February 2018, swimmers took to the water for the 7th annual MSWA Albany Swim!

The amateur swimming event took place at the Albany Aquatic and Leisure Centre, where 133 participants across 11 teams battled it out to swim the longest distance in a set 8-hour period.

Teams of 10 or more challenge themselves in the swim - they had to have one swimmer in the water at all times for the duration of the event. There are no rules on how the competitors swim the event (freestyle, backstroke, doggy paddle!) as long as they complete each lap without the use of swim aids or devices (e.g. flippers).

A huge congratulations to Rachelle Williamson-Wright who was the highest individual fundraiser, Team Marines who were the highest fundraising team & Camfield Crusaders who swam the most laps over the 8-hours.

This year the event raised over $21,000! An amazing effort by all involved. This generous support allows MSWA to offer a wide range of services to people living with MS and other neurological conditions in the Great Southern Region.

This swim was run with the support of the Southern Ports Authority - Port of Albany, the City of Albany and the Albany Leisure and Aquatic Centre.

To see all the images click on the link at the end of the blog.


MSWA Swim-0936MSWA Swim-0936 MSWA Swim-0940MSWA Swim-0940 MSWA Swim-0947MSWA Swim-0947 MSWA Swim-0954MSWA Swim-0954 MSWA Swim-0973MSWA Swim-0973 MSWA Swim-0978MSWA Swim-0978 MSWA Swim-0985MSWA Swim-0985 MSWA Swim-0994MSWA Swim-0994 MSWA Swim-0995MSWA Swim-0995 MSWA Swim-0996MSWA Swim-0996 MSWA Swim-0999MSWA Swim-0999 MSWA Swim-1001MSWA Swim-1001 MSWA Swim-1006MSWA Swim-1006 MSWA Swim-1012MSWA Swim-1012 MSWA Swim-1018MSWA Swim-1018 MSWA Swim-1019MSWA Swim-1019 MSWA Swim-1024MSWA Swim-1024 MSWA Swim-1027MSWA Swim-1027 MSWA Swim-1030MSWA Swim-1030 MSWA Swim-1037MSWA Swim-1037 MSWA Swim-1044MSWA Swim-1044 MSWA Swim-1047MSWA Swim-1047

See all photos here!



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MSWA Inaugural Ride http://disinclairthomasphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2018/2/mswa-inaugural-ride Sunday the 17th of February 2018 marked the first MSWA Ride to be held in Albany Western Australia.

This unique cycling event that took riders through the scenic town of Albany  exploring some of the City's most iconic spots including the National ANZAC Centre, the Historic Whaling Station, the Wind Farm and Middleton Beach. Ride distances included the 10km Family Ride, 40km Ride and 80km Challenge. 

The ride started and finished at picturesque Emu Point, which was transformed into a hive of festivity with food and beverage vendors, children's activities and music. 

The event attracted cyclists of all skill levels from around Australia to participate in raising awareness and helping to raise vital funds for people living with MS and other neurological conditions in the Great Southern Region.

The event was generously sponsored by Southern Ports Authority.

The event was also supported by Passmore Cycles, Albany Physiotherapy, Emu Point Cafe, The Rapid Relief Team, MacDonalds Albany and Di Sinclair-Thomas Photography.

The event raised a massive  $19310! Well done to the event organisers and volunteers this was a fabulous event. Its not too late to donate and lend your support to this important cause.

I hope you enjoy the sample of some of the images from the day. You can view all the images by clicking the link below.


MSWA Ride 2018-5MSWA Ride 2018-5 MSWA Ride 2018-6MSWA Ride 2018-6 MSWA Ride 2018-7MSWA Ride 2018-7 MSWA Ride 2018-9MSWA Ride 2018-9 MSWA Ride 2018-10MSWA Ride 2018-10 MSWA Ride 2018-12MSWA Ride 2018-12 MSWA Ride 2018-14MSWA Ride 2018-14 MSWA Ride 2018-16MSWA Ride 2018-16 MSWA Ride 2018-19MSWA Ride 2018-19 MSWA Ride 2018-21MSWA Ride 2018-21 MSWA Ride 2018-23MSWA Ride 2018-23 MSWA Ride 2018-26MSWA Ride 2018-26 MSWA Ride 2018-28MSWA Ride 2018-28 MSWA Ride 2018-30MSWA Ride 2018-30 MSWA Ride 2018-34MSWA Ride 2018-34 MSWA Ride 2018-37MSWA Ride 2018-37    MSWA Ride 2018-40MSWA Ride 2018-40 MSWA Ride 2018-41MSWA Ride 2018-41 MSWA Ride 2018-42MSWA Ride 2018-42 MSWA Ride 2018-45MSWA Ride 2018-45 MSWA Ride 2018-47MSWA Ride 2018-47 MSWA Ride 2018-53MSWA Ride 2018-53 MSWA Ride 2018-55MSWA Ride 2018-55 MSWA Ride 2018-59MSWA Ride 2018-59 MSWA Ride 2018-66MSWA Ride 2018-66 MSWA Ride 2018-67MSWA Ride 2018-67 MSWA Ride 2018-71MSWA Ride 2018-71 MSWA Ride 2018-78MSWA Ride 2018-78 MSWA Ride 2018-80MSWA Ride 2018-80 MSWA Ride 2018-81MSWA Ride 2018-81 MSWA Ride 2018-84MSWA Ride 2018-84 MSWA Ride 2018-86MSWA Ride 2018-86 MSWA Ride 2018-87MSWA Ride 2018-87 MSWA Ride 2018-88MSWA Ride 2018-88 MSWA Ride 2018-92MSWA Ride 2018-92 MSWA Ride 2018-94MSWA Ride 2018-94 MSWA Ride 2018-96MSWA Ride 2018-96 MSWA Ride 2018-100MSWA Ride 2018-100 MSWA Ride 2018-105MSWA Ride 2018-105 MSWA Ride 2018-107MSWA Ride 2018-107 MSWA Ride 2018-108MSWA Ride 2018-108 MSWA Ride 2018-109MSWA Ride 2018-109 MSWA Ride 2018-112MSWA Ride 2018-112 MSWA Ride 2018-114MSWA Ride 2018-114 MSWA Ride 2018-118MSWA Ride 2018-118 MSWA Ride 2018-119MSWA Ride 2018-119 MSWA Ride 2018-122MSWA Ride 2018-122 MSWA Ride 2018-124MSWA Ride 2018-124 MSWA Ride 2018-126MSWA Ride 2018-126 MSWA Ride 2018-130MSWA Ride 2018-130 MSWA Ride 2018-131MSWA Ride 2018-131 MSWA Ride 2018-132MSWA Ride 2018-132 MSWA Ride 2018-134MSWA Ride 2018-134 MSWA Ride 2018-137MSWA Ride 2018-137 MSWA Ride 2018-142MSWA Ride 2018-142 MSWA Ride 2018-145MSWA Ride 2018-145 MSWA Ride 2018-152MSWA Ride 2018-152 MSWA Ride 2018-154MSWA Ride 2018-154 MSWA Ride 2018-158MSWA Ride 2018-158 MSWA Ride 2018-161MSWA Ride 2018-161 MSWA Ride 2018-162MSWA Ride 2018-162 MSWA Ride 2018-164MSWA Ride 2018-164 MSWA Ride 2018-165MSWA Ride 2018-165 MSWA Ride 2018-167MSWA Ride 2018-167 MSWA Ride 2018-169MSWA Ride 2018-169 MSWA Ride 2018-170MSWA Ride 2018-170 MSWA Ride 2018-171MSWA Ride 2018-171 MSWA Ride 2018-174MSWA Ride 2018-174 MSWA Ride 2018-176MSWA Ride 2018-176 MSWA Ride 2018-179MSWA Ride 2018-179 MSWA Ride 2018-180MSWA Ride 2018-180 MSWA Ride 2018-182MSWA Ride 2018-182 MSWA Ride 2018-184MSWA Ride 2018-184 MSWA Ride 2018-187MSWA Ride 2018-187 MSWA Ride 2018-188MSWA Ride 2018-188 MSWA Ride 2018-190MSWA Ride 2018-190 MSWA Ride 2018-193MSWA Ride 2018-193 MSWA Ride 2018-196MSWA Ride 2018-196 MSWA Ride 2018-197MSWA Ride 2018-197 MSWA Ride 2018-200MSWA Ride 2018-200 MSWA Ride 2018-202MSWA Ride 2018-202 MSWA Ride 2018-214MSWA Ride 2018-214 MSWA Ride 2018-218MSWA Ride 2018-218 MSWA Ride 2018-221MSWA Ride 2018-221 MSWA Ride 2018-227MSWA Ride 2018-227 MSWA Ride 2018-228MSWA Ride 2018-228 MSWA Ride 2018-233MSWA Ride 2018-233 MSWA Ride 2018-236MSWA Ride 2018-236 MSWA Ride 2018-239MSWA Ride 2018-239 MSWA Ride 2018-242MSWA Ride 2018-242 MSWA Ride 2018-244MSWA Ride 2018-244 MSWA Ride 2018-247MSWA Ride 2018-247 MSWA Ride 2018-249MSWA Ride 2018-249 MSWA Ride 2018-251MSWA Ride 2018-251 MSWA Ride 2018-252MSWA Ride 2018-252 MSWA Ride 2018-255MSWA Ride 2018-255 MSWA Ride 2018-257MSWA Ride 2018-257 MSWA Ride 2018-259MSWA Ride 2018-259 MSWA Ride 2018-260MSWA Ride 2018-260 MSWA Ride 2018-262MSWA Ride 2018-262 MSWA Ride 2018-263MSWA Ride 2018-263 MSWA Ride 2018-265MSWA Ride 2018-265 MSWA Ride 2018-266MSWA Ride 2018-266 MSWA Ride 2018-269MSWA Ride 2018-269 MSWA Ride 2018-270MSWA Ride 2018-270 MSWA Ride 2018-273MSWA Ride 2018-273 MSWA Ride 2018-276MSWA Ride 2018-276 MSWA Ride 2018-279MSWA Ride 2018-279 MSWA Ride 2018-282MSWA Ride 2018-282 MSWA Ride 2018-285MSWA Ride 2018-285 MSWA Ride 2018-292MSWA Ride 2018-292 MSWA Ride 2018-295MSWA Ride 2018-295 MSWA Ride 2018-296MSWA Ride 2018-296 MSWA Ride 2018-299MSWA Ride 2018-299 MSWA Ride 2018-305MSWA Ride 2018-305 MSWA Ride 2018-314MSWA Ride 2018-314 MSWA Ride 2018-318MSWA Ride 2018-318 MSWA Ride 2018-320MSWA Ride 2018-320 MSWA Ride 2018-323MSWA Ride 2018-323 MSWA Ride 2018-325MSWA Ride 2018-325 MSWA Ride 2018-326MSWA Ride 2018-326 MSWA Ride 2018-329MSWA Ride 2018-329 MSWA Ride 2018-330MSWA Ride 2018-330 MSWA Ride 2018-332MSWA Ride 2018-332 MSWA Ride 2018-333MSWA Ride 2018-333 MSWA Ride 2018-334MSWA Ride 2018-334 MSWA Ride 2018-337MSWA Ride 2018-337 MSWA Ride 2018-339MSWA Ride 2018-339 MSWA Ride 2018-343MSWA Ride 2018-343


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Organic & Raw by Mowatt http://disinclairthomasphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/11/organic-raw-by-mowatt My first ever foodie shoot was a steep learning curve but loads of fun.

These amazing treats are the work of Geoff Mowatt who is in the process of launching "Organic & Raw by Mowatt" 

I can assure you that they are absolutely delicious - there were trimmings surplus to requirements at times you understand :)

If you want to like Geoff's page and watch his business grow here is the link.

Organic & Raw by Mowatt


Organis and Raw-9260Organis and Raw-9260 Organis and Raw-9089Organis and Raw-9089 Organis and Raw-9118Organis and Raw-9118 Organis and Raw-9141Organis and Raw-9141 Organis and Raw-9148Organis and Raw-9148 Organis and Raw-9150Organis and Raw-9150 dddd Organis and Raw-9169Organis and Raw-9169 Organis and Raw-9172Organis and Raw-9172 Organis and Raw-9176Organis and Raw-9176 Organis and Raw-9203Organis and Raw-9203 Organis and Raw-9230Organis and Raw-9230 Organis and Raw-9259Organis and Raw-9259 Organis and Raw-9306Organis and Raw-9306



diatom71@bigpond.com (Di Sinclair-Thomas Photography) http://disinclairthomasphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/11/organic-raw-by-mowatt Wed, 22 Nov 2017 09:45:58 GMT
Albany Trail Run 2017 http://disinclairthomasphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/10/albany-trail-run-2017 Saturday the 14th of October was a perfect day to be photographing the Albany Trail Run. Participants were treated to a feast of stunning coastline and wildflowers.

The Little Whalers Kids' Run was awesome to watch with heaps of determination and spirit shown by the 26 kids participating in the 1.3km trail and 23 kids in the 2.6km event. It was held in and around the picturesque Discovery Bay Botanical Gardens and  Albany's Historic Whaling Station.

The 23km trail runners also took in Goode Beach, Whalers Cove, Point Possession, Camp Quaranup and Shoal Bay.

Well done to all the organisers and volunteers on an excellent event, I hope you enjoy the previews...


When you have finished looking at the previews you can see all the event images here: 

http://disinclairthomasphotography.zenfolio.com/atr     the password is "catchme"

Images or prints can be purchased for a small fee with all profits going to ADHOC -  Albany and Denmark Hinterland Orienteering Club inc.


Many thanks to the event sponsors:

Government of Western Australia

City of Albany

Amazing Albany

Albany's Historic Whaling Station

Department of Sports and Recreation

South Coast Sports Medicine

Shots Sports Nutrition


ATR2017-8344ATR2017-8344 ATR2017-8349ATR2017-8349 ATR2017-8352ATR2017-8352 ATR2017-8355ATR2017-8355 ATR2017-8360ATR2017-8360 ATR2017-8364ATR2017-8364 ATR2017-8376ATR2017-8376 ATR2017-8392ATR2017-8392 ATR2017-8396ATR2017-8396 ATR2017-8410-2ATR2017-8410-2 ATR2017-8417ATR2017-8417 ATR2017-8433ATR2017-8433 ATR2017-8439ATR2017-8439 ATR2017-8450ATR2017-8450 ATR2017-8453ATR2017-8453 ATR2017-8463ATR2017-8463 ATR2017-8473ATR2017-8473 ATR2017-8476ATR2017-8476 ATR2017-8480ATR2017-8480 ATR2017-8483ATR2017-8483 ATR2017-8490ATR2017-8490 ATR2017-8500ATR2017-8500 ATR2017-8513ATR2017-8513 ATR2017-8516ATR2017-8516 ATR2017-8521ATR2017-8521 ATR2017-8526ATR2017-8526 ATR2017-8529ATR2017-8529 ATR2017-8534ATR2017-8534 ATR2017-8541ATR2017-8541 ATR2017-8549ATR2017-8549 ATR2017-8551ATR2017-8551 ATR2017-8561ATR2017-8561 ATR2017-8566ATR2017-8566 ATR2017-8576ATR2017-8576 ATR2017-8588ATR2017-8588 ATR2017-8602ATR2017-8602 ATR2017-8623ATR2017-8623 ATR2017-8628ATR2017-8628 ATR2017-8634ATR2017-8634 ATR2017-8638ATR2017-8638 ATR2017-8648ATR2017-8648 ATR2017-8651ATR2017-8651 ATR2017-8655ATR2017-8655 ATR2017-8658ATR2017-8658 ATR2017-8663ATR2017-8663 ATR2017-8665ATR2017-8665 ATR2017-8684ATR2017-8684 ATR2017-8691ATR2017-8691 ATR2017-8696ATR2017-8696 ATR2017-8703ATR2017-8703 ATR2017-8707ATR2017-8707 ATR2017-8714ATR2017-8714 ATR2017-8720ATR2017-8720 ATR2017-8735ATR2017-8735 ATR2017-8771ATR2017-8771 ATR2017-8788ATR2017-8788 ATR2017-8791ATR2017-8791 ATR2017-8794ATR2017-8794 ATR2017-8805ATR2017-8805 ATR2017-8822ATR2017-8822 ATR2017-8826ATR2017-8826

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Antonia and Sebastiano's 50th Wedding Anniversary http://disinclairthomasphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/7/antonia-and-sebastianos-50th-wedding-anniversary On the 23rd of July 2017 Antonia and Sebastiano Lembo celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary by renewing their vowels and exchanging rings in the Holy Family Catholic Parish Albany Western Australia.

Their family and friends were present to be involved in and witness the touching ceremony conducted by Father Vince.

Afterwards the party moved to the Venice Restaurant to enjoy an amazing grazing table lunch, cake, wine and coffee. It was such a pleasure to be part of the festivities and to celebrate this momentous occasion with Antonia and Sebastiano, their family and friends.

Lots of hard work went into making the day so enjoyable...

The grazing table lunch prepared by Kate and Guy Lembo , Bec Logan and Carl Ladies was a lavish feast - just awesome guys thank you.

Flower arrangements were prepared by Kate with a bit of help from Lilly and myself. Cherhi supervised the whole process to ensure the quality was up to scratch.

Kate also prepared the stunning cake - the GF bottom layer was the best cake I have ever tasted - much appreciated Kate xx

Nancy spent lots of time and energy performing logistical miracles leading up to the event to make sure everything was perfect for the day. She is also a bonbonniere master!

I hope you enjoy the photos...

50 Years-611950 Years-6119 50 Years-623750 Years-6237 50 Years-623850 Years-6238 50 Years-624150 Years-6241 50 Years-624750 Years-6247 50 Years-625050 Years-6250 50 Years-625250 Years-6252 50 Years-625550 Years-6255 50 Years-625650 Years-6256 50 Years-626150 Years-6261 50 Years-626550 Years-6265 50 Years-626850 Years-6268 50 Years-627350 Years-6273 50 Years-627550 Years-6275 50 Years-628150 Years-6281 50 Years-628250 Years-6282 50 Years-629150 Years-6291 50 Years-630150 Years-6301 50 Years-631450 Years-6314 50 Years-631750 Years-6317 50 Years-632550 Years-6325 50 Years-633150 Years-6331 50 Years-633650 Years-6336 50 Years-634350 Years-6343 50 Years-635950 Years-6359 50 Years-636450 Years-6364 50 Years-636750 Years-6367 50 Years-637650 Years-6376 50 Years-640350 Years-6403 50 Years-640550 Years-6405 50 Years-640850 Years-6408 50 Years-641050 Years-6410 50 Years-641350 Years-6413 50 Years-641650 Years-6416 50 Years-643650 Years-6436 50 Years-644150 Years-6441 50 Years-644450 Years-6444 50 Years-644850 Years-6448 50 Years-645550 Years-6455 50 Years-646650 Years-6466 50 Years-647450 Years-6474 50 Years-648950 Years-6489 50 Years-649150 Years-6491 50 Years-653050 Years-6530 50 Years-653550 Years-6535 50 Years-654650 Years-6546 50 Years-657450 Years-6574 50 Years-658450 Years-6584 50 Years-658950 Years-6589 50 Years-659050 Years-6590 50 Years-660850 Years-6608 50 Years-662150 Years-6621 50 Years-662750 Years-6627 50 Years-663950 Years-6639 50 Years-664650 Years-6646 50 Years-665550 Years-6655 50 Years-665750 Years-6657 50 Years-666050 Years-6660 50 Years-667050 Years-6670 50 Years-667150 Years-6671 50 Years-667850 Years-6678 50 Years-649650 Years-6496 50 Years-650250 Years-6502 50 Years-650350 Years-6503 50 Years-650450 Years-6504 50 Years-650550 Years-6505 50 Years-652450 Years-6524








prepared by Kate and Guy Lembo , Bec Logan and Carl Ladies.



diatom71@bigpond.com (Di Sinclair-Thomas Photography) http://disinclairthomasphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/7/antonia-and-sebastianos-50th-wedding-anniversary Mon, 31 Jul 2017 05:25:51 GMT
Welcoming the Whales Festival http://disinclairthomasphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/6/welcoming-the-whales-festival On Saturday the 3rd of June the Inaugural Welcoming the Whales Festival was held at Albany’s Historic Whaling Station.

The Historic Whaling Station at Discovery Bay is a great day out ordinarily but the Festival was a real treat for locals and visitors with heaps of activities and entertainment throughout the station.

The tuneful Shanty Men kicked off the entertainment fresh from hugely appreciative audiences at the Fairbridge Festival these lads really are very engaging.

City of Albany Mayor Dennis Wellington officially opened the Festival and ABC’s Andrew Collins blew the ceremonial horn to summon the Humpback Whales to the Bay. This naturally worked and to the delight of festival goers a Humpback was spotted in the bay.

Simone Keane and Giles Watson performed some beautiful songs and poems from their gorgeous “Whale Breathing” Album released in 2016.

Informative guest speakers included Maritime Archeologist Adam Wolfe and Environmental Biologist Katelyn Weinert on the main stage. Elsewhere Station personal conducted tours, told stories and shared their knowledge with keen visitors.

The Cheynes IV Whale Chaser was packed with eager explorers while Triple M was broadcasting live from below.

Joey Williams and Catherine Mercer from Poornarti Aboriginal Tours were demonstrating painting and running a hands-on workshop to create a stunning whale mural.

Jamie the Clown… Arrrrr! I mean Captain Scallywagg kept the kiddies from mutiny with his bubble blowing antics and cool face painting. He transformed many a scurvy cur into a marine masterpiece.

The Cira Sea Troupe and Big Top Performers were a huge hit through out the day… just look at the pictures!

The young ladies from the Southern Edge Arts Actors Club presented “The Whale’s Song” in the workshop.

It was really great to see all the hard work and planning come together to culminate in such a great day well done everyone.


WTW-5040WTW-5040 WTW-5045WTW-5045 WTW-5049WTW-5049 WTW-5060WTW-5060 WTW-5061WTW-5061 WTW-5078WTW-5078 WTW-5083WTW-5083 WTW-5085WTW-5085 WTW-5093WTW-5093 WTW-5107WTW-5107 WTW-5118WTW-5118 WTW-5123WTW-5123 WTW-5139WTW-5139 WTW-5154WTW-5154 WTW-5173WTW-5173 WTW-5176WTW-5176 WTW-5179WTW-5179 WTW-5180WTW-5180 WTW-5190WTW-5190 WTW-5192WTW-5192 WTW-5196WTW-5196 WTW-5198WTW-5198 WTW-5239WTW-5239 WTW-5248WTW-5248 WTW-5253WTW-5253 WTW-5254WTW-5254 WTW-5258WTW-5258 WTW-5267WTW-5267 WTW-5279WTW-5279 WTW-5288WTW-5288 WTW-5292WTW-5292 WTW-5302WTW-5302 WTW-5306WTW-5306 WTW-5322WTW-5322 WTW-5325WTW-5325 WTW-5355WTW-5355 WTW-5366WTW-5366 WTW-5370WTW-5370 WTW-5372WTW-5372 WTW-5386WTW-5386 WTW-5394WTW-5394 WTW-5396WTW-5396 WTW-5408WTW-5408 WTW-5414WTW-5414 WTW-5417WTW-5417 WTW-5424WTW-5424 WTW-5427WTW-5427 WTW-5430WTW-5430 WTW-5447WTW-5447 WTW-5457WTW-5457 WTW-5463WTW-5463 WTW-5465WTW-5465 WTW-5475WTW-5475 WTW-5479WTW-5479 WTW-5483WTW-5483 WTW-5485WTW-5485 WTW-5497WTW-5497 WTW-5503WTW-5503 WTW-5507WTW-5507 WTW-5520WTW-5520 WTW-5530WTW-5530 WTW-5534WTW-5534 WTW-5553WTW-5553 WTW-5576WTW-5576 WTW-5584WTW-5584 WTW-5587WTW-5587 WTW-5591WTW-5591 WTW-5599WTW-5599 WTW-5600WTW-5600 WTW-5604WTW-5604 WTW-5625WTW-5625 WTW-5629WTW-5629 WTW-5650WTW-5650 WTW-5671WTW-5671 WTW-5673WTW-5673 WTW-5676WTW-5676 WTW-5681WTW-5681 WTW-5684WTW-5684 WTW-5692WTW-5692 WTW-5693WTW-5693 WTW-5696WTW-5696 WTW-5701WTW-5701 WTW-5707WTW-5707 WTW-5713WTW-5713 WTW-5721WTW-5721 WTW-5723WTW-5723 WTW-5726WTW-5726 WTW-5727WTW-5727 WTW-5728WTW-5728 WTW-5731WTW-5731 WTW-5740WTW-5740 WTW-5744WTW-5744 WTW-5745WTW-5745 WTW-5755WTW-5755 WTW-5766WTW-5766 WTW-5770WTW-5770 WTW-5776WTW-5776 WTW-5792WTW-5792 WTW-5798WTW-5798 WTW-5814WTW-5814 WTW-5831WTW-5831 WTW-5833WTW-5833 WTW-5836WTW-5836 WTW-5843WTW-5843

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Impulse Cycles http://disinclairthomasphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/11/impulse-cycles If you have not had a go on an electric bike do yourself a favour and take one for a spin they are seriously good fun! Check out these images...


Impulse-40Impulse-40 Impulse-48Impulse-48 Impulse-53Impulse-53 Impulse-68Impulse-68 Impulse-74Impulse-74 Impulse-79Impulse-79 Impulse-83Impulse-83 Impulse-88Impulse-88 Impulse-95Impulse-95 Impulse-107Impulse-107 Impulse-110Impulse-110 Impulse-114Impulse-114 Impulse-135Impulse-135 Impulse-149Impulse-149 Impulse-156Impulse-156 Impulse-162Impulse-162 Impulse-163Impulse-163 Impulse-188Impulse-188 Impulse-203Impulse-203 Impulse-210Impulse-210 Impulse-214Impulse-214 Impulse-221Impulse-221 Impulse-233Impulse-233 Impulse-238Impulse-238 Impulse-247Impulse-247 Impulse-273Impulse-273 Impulse-282Impulse-282 Impulse-292Impulse-292 Impulse-303Impulse-303 Impulse-337Impulse-337 Impulse-340Impulse-340 Impulse-399Impulse-399 Impulse-395Impulse-395 Impulse-367Impulse-367 I recently had the pleasure of working with the crew from Impulse Cycles and Jacqui from Spurr of the Moment Design to capture images of their range of bikes for hire and purchase.

A big thank you to all the models who got out of bed early to be part of the action - Abbie, Ziva, Elana, Alicia, Ellie and Shane. Thanks also to Kingsley, Phil and Nav from Impulse Cycles and Jacqui from Spurr of the Moment Designs for asking me to be part of the process and being so fabulous to work with.

What did I learn from this shoot?  That there is always room in the garage for just one more bike!

Shane I am still recovering from your socks the doctors assure me my retinas will heal in time...




diatom71@bigpond.com (Di Sinclair-Thomas Photography) Albany Di Sinclair-Thomas photographer photography http://disinclairthomasphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/11/impulse-cycles Mon, 14 Nov 2016 14:15:32 GMT
Gina and Bryon's Big Surprise http://disinclairthomasphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/6/gina-and-bryons-big-surprise Gina and Bryon invited a few of their closest friends to farewell them before their big move to Port Hedland on the 30th of April.

The celebration was held at Frenchy's Restaurant we all had a lovely meal, the jokes and wine were flowing.

Then they introduced Susan Barretts from the next table and announced that they were going to get married much to the surprise and delight of the gathered friends.

The ceremony was lovely and we were all so happy to be part of these two soul mates celebrating their commitment. 

I took some sneaky wedding pictures prior to the dinner at the  Albany Bali Style Accommodation.

Here are a few pictures from the day for you and your friends and family Gina and Bryon xxx


Make up by the lovely Tammy Bemben

Gina and Brian-7Gina and Brian-7 Gina and Brian-11Gina and Brian-11 Gina and Brian-16Gina and Brian-16 Gina and Brian-21Gina and Brian-21 Gina and Brian-25Gina and Brian-25 Gina and Brian-36Gina and Brian-36 Gina and Brian-39Gina and Brian-39 Gina and Brian-41Gina and Brian-41 Gina and Brian-46Gina and Brian-46 Gina and Brian-47Gina and Brian-47 Gina and Brian-50Gina and Brian-50 Gina and Brian-52Gina and Brian-52 Gina and Brian-53Gina and Brian-53 Gina and Brian-60Gina and Brian-60 Gina and Brian-69Gina and Brian-69 Gina and Brian-72Gina and Brian-72 Gina and Brian-76Gina and Brian-76 Gina and Brian-90Gina and Brian-90 Gina and Brian-98Gina and Brian-98 Gina and Brian-102Gina and Brian-102 Gina and Brian-111Gina and Brian-111 Gina and Brian-123Gina and Brian-123 Gina and Brian-125Gina and Brian-125 Gina and Brian-128Gina and Brian-128 Gina and Brian-134Gina and Brian-134 Gina and Brian-141Gina and Brian-141 Gina and Brian-162Gina and Brian-162 Gina and Brian-174Gina and Brian-174 Gina and Brian-195Gina and Brian-195 Gina and Brian-197Gina and Brian-197 Gina and Brian-202Gina and Brian-202 Gina and Brian-207Gina and Brian-207 Gina and Brian-213Gina and Brian-213 Gina and Brian-231Gina and Brian-231 Gina and Brian-233Gina and Brian-233 Gina and Brian-237Gina and Brian-237 Gina and Brian-247Gina and Brian-247 Gina and Brian-261Gina and Brian-261 Gina and Brian-266Gina and Brian-266 Gina and Brian-271Gina and Brian-271 Gina and Brian-274Gina and Brian-274 Gina and Brian-276Gina and Brian-276 Gina and Brian-277Gina and Brian-277 Gina and Brian-279Gina and Brian-279 Gina and Brian-280Gina and Brian-280 Gina and Brian-283Gina and Brian-283 Gina and Brian-284Gina and Brian-284 Gina and Brian-286Gina and Brian-286 Gina and Brian-290Gina and Brian-290 Gina and Brian-294Gina and Brian-294 Gina and Brian-296Gina and Brian-296


diatom71@bigpond.com (Di Sinclair-Thomas Photography) Albany Di Family Sinclair-Thomas Wedding photography we http://disinclairthomasphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/6/gina-and-bryons-big-surprise Tue, 21 Jun 2016 15:01:30 GMT
Nicole and Jason's Patch of Paradise http://disinclairthomasphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/5/nicole-and-jasons-patch-of-paradise I had a lovely afternoon in the sun this week with Nicole, Jason and their 3 cuties - Layla, Jaxon and Baby Cash. 

What lucky kids to grow up amongst the trees with all their interesting animals!

I hope you enjoy your previews guys lovely to meet you all xx

Nicole and Jason-7007Nicole and Jason-7007 Nicole and Jason-7036Nicole and Jason-7036 Nicole and Jason-7085Nicole and Jason-7085 Nicole and Jason-7096Nicole and Jason-7096 Nicole and Jason-7114Nicole and Jason-7114 Nicole and Jason-7174Nicole and Jason-7174 Nicole and Jason-7182Nicole and Jason-7182 Nicole and Jason-7200Nicole and Jason-7200 Nicole and Jason-7215Nicole and Jason-7215 Nicole and Jason-7244Nicole and Jason-7244 Nicole and Jason-7258Nicole and Jason-7258 Nicole and Jason-7277Nicole and Jason-7277 Nicole and Jason-7335Nicole and Jason-7335 Nicole and Jason-7348Nicole and Jason-7348 Nicole and Jason-7366Nicole and Jason-7366 Nicole and Jason-7380Nicole and Jason-7380 Nicole and Jason-7395Nicole and Jason-7395 Nicole and Jason-7420Nicole and Jason-7420 Nicole and Jason-7437Nicole and Jason-7437 Nicole and Jason-7451Nicole and Jason-7451 Nicole and Jason-7458Nicole and Jason-7458 Nicole and Jason-7470Nicole and Jason-7470 Nicole and Jason-7476Nicole and Jason-7476 Nicole and Jason-7505Nicole and Jason-7505 Nicole and Jason-7527Nicole and Jason-7527 Nicole and Jason-7538Nicole and Jason-7538


diatom71@bigpond.com (Di Sinclair-Thomas Photography) Albany Di Family Sinclair-Thomas photographer photography portrait http://disinclairthomasphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/5/nicole-and-jasons-patch-of-paradise Fri, 06 May 2016 14:46:39 GMT
Mia's Family http://disinclairthomasphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/4/mias-family Last week I had the pleasure of catching up with some very dear friends in Perth to meet their lovely baby girl Mia for the first time.


Mia has a very cute two year old sister. Like all two year olds Ella doesn't stay still for more than a nanosecond.... unless she's making mud pies... yum!  


I hope you enjoy your previews Jenny and Craig and thanks for letting me hang out with your lovely family.


Jenny and Craig-5847Jenny and Craig-5847 Jenny and Craig-5874Jenny and Craig-5874 Jenny and Craig-5928Jenny and Craig-5928 Jenny and Craig-5936Jenny and Craig-5936 Jenny and Craig-5937Jenny and Craig-5937 Jenny and Craig-5949Jenny and Craig-5949 Jenny and Craig-6088Jenny and Craig-6088 Jenny and Craig-6025Jenny and Craig-6025

Jenny and Craig-6104Jenny and Craig-6104

Jenny and Craig-5971Jenny and Craig-5971 Jenny and Craig-6002Jenny and Craig-6002
diatom71@bigpond.com (Di Sinclair-Thomas Photography) Baby Di Family Photographer Portrait Sinclair-Thomas children photography http://disinclairthomasphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/4/mias-family Thu, 28 Apr 2016 05:20:58 GMT
Lovely Lasses http://disinclairthomasphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/3/lovely-lasses Its always a pleasure to hang out with these lovelies xxx


Ainslie and girls-9Ainslie and girls-9 Ainslie and girls-12Ainslie and girls-12 Ainslie and girls-24Ainslie and girls-24 Ainslie and girls-26Ainslie and girls-26 Ainslie and girls-42Ainslie and girls-42 Ainslie and girls-53Ainslie and girls-53 Ainslie and girls-59Ainslie and girls-59 Ainslie and girls-85Ainslie and girls-85 Ainslie and girls-100Ainslie and girls-100 Ainslie and girls-101Ainslie and girls-101 Ainslie and girls-118Ainslie and girls-118 Ainslie and girls-133Ainslie and girls-133 Ainslie and girls-140Ainslie and girls-140 Ainslie and girls-146Ainslie and girls-146 Ainslie and girls-154Ainslie and girls-154

diatom71@bigpond.com (Di Sinclair-Thomas Photography) Di Family Sinclair-Thomas photographer portrait http://disinclairthomasphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/3/lovely-lasses Wed, 23 Mar 2016 14:03:07 GMT
Holly and Chris Tie The Knot http://disinclairthomasphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/3/holly-and-chris On Saturday the 19th of March 2016 Holly and Chris became Mr and Mrs Harrop.


The touching ceremony was officiated by Kate Thomas on Mount Clarence with Layla, Billie and Louisa all playing a part. The couple were surrounded by family and friends and supported by a stylish bridal party - Ally, Christie, Matt and Paul.


A big thanks to Jan and Chris for opening up their lovely home to rampaging photographers with such good humour.


The little girls and their Nan Norma nearly stole the show with their cuteness. The gorgeous bride â€‹however was not to be outdone and pulled off a spectacular headstand. Well done Holly!


The reception was held at the Albany Golf Course.


I hope you love your previews xx


Photography Di Sinclair-Thomas and Peter Towers

Hair: Pam Russell BelleHair Travelling Hair Stylist

Make-up: Morgan Annie.

Florist: Hot House Flowers

Cake: Albany Cake Designs

Transport: The Panizza's



Holly and Chris-4096Holly and Chris-4096 317Tiny snail-3054317Tiny snail-3054 334Tiny snail-3071334Tiny snail-3071 388Tiny snail-3125388Tiny snail-3125 Holly and Chris-4103Holly and Chris-4103 Holly and Chris-4104Holly and Chris-4104 Holly and Chris-4152Holly and Chris-4152 Holly and Chris-4167Holly and Chris-4167 Holly and Chris-4170Holly and Chris-4170 Holly and Chris-4176Holly and Chris-4176 Holly and Chris-4183Holly and Chris-4183 Holly and Chris-4202Holly and Chris-4202 Holly and Chris-4250Holly and Chris-4250 Holly and Chris-4271Holly and Chris-4271 Holly and Chris-4280Holly and Chris-4280 Holly and Chris-4290Holly and Chris-4290 Holly and Chris-4350Holly and Chris-4350 Holly and Chris-4367Holly and Chris-4367 Holly and Chris-4396Holly and Chris-4396 Holly and Chris-4412Holly and Chris-4412 Holly and Chris-4417Holly and Chris-4417 Holly and Chris-4436Holly and Chris-4436 Holly and Chris-4452Holly and Chris-4452 Holly and Chris-4470Holly and Chris-4470 Holly and Chris-4479Holly and Chris-4479 Holly and Chris-4496Holly and Chris-4496 Holly and Chris-4536Holly and Chris-4536 Holly and Chris-4539Holly and Chris-4539 Holly and Chris-4544Holly and Chris-4544 Holly and Chris-4554Holly and Chris-4554 Holly and Chris-3211Holly and Chris-3211 Holly and Chris-4644Holly and Chris-4644 Holly and Chris-3225Holly and Chris-3225 Holly and Chris-7940Holly and Chris-7940 Holly and Chris-3240Holly and Chris-3240 Holly and Chris-3258Holly and Chris-3258 Holly and Chris-4664Holly and Chris-4664 Holly and Chris-4672Holly and Chris-4672 Holly and Chris-3311Holly and Chris-3311 Holly and Chris-3316Holly and Chris-3316 Holly and Chris-3334Holly and Chris-3334 Holly and Chris-3349Holly and Chris-3349 Holly and Chris-3295Holly and Chris-3295 Holly and Chris-4713Holly and Chris-4713 Holly and Chris-4745Holly and Chris-4745 Holly and Chris-3382Holly and Chris-3382 Holly and Chris-4768Holly and Chris-4768 Holly and Chris-3399Holly and Chris-3399 Holly and Chris-4795Holly and Chris-4795 Holly and Chris-3424Holly and Chris-3424 Holly and Chris-3499Holly and Chris-3499 Holly and Chris-3518Holly and Chris-3518 Holly and Chris-5003Holly and Chris-5003 Holly and Chris-5011Holly and Chris-5011 Holly and Chris-5021Holly and Chris-5021 Holly and Chris-5028Holly and Chris-5028 Holly and Chris-5043Holly and Chris-5043 Holly and Chris-5053Holly and Chris-5053 Holly and Chris-5070Holly and Chris-5070 Holly and Chris-5095Holly and Chris-5095 Holly and Chris-5104Holly and Chris-5104 Holly and Chris-5128Holly and Chris-5128 Holly and Chris-5149Holly and Chris-5149 Holly and Chris-5167Holly and Chris-5167 Holly and Chris-5172Holly and Chris-5172 Holly and Chris-3576Holly and Chris-3576 Holly and Chris-5194Holly and Chris-5194 Holly and Chris-3585Holly and Chris-3585 Holly and Chris-5230Holly and Chris-5230 Holly and Chris-5253Holly and Chris-5253 Holly and Chris-5264Holly and Chris-5264 Holly and Chris-5269Holly and Chris-5269 Holly and Chris-5306Holly and Chris-5306 Holly and Chris-5313Holly and Chris-5313 Holly and Chris-5318Holly and Chris-5318 Holly and Chris-5322Holly and Chris-5322 Holly and Chris-5333Holly and Chris-5333 Holly and Chris-3659Holly and Chris-3659 Holly and Chris-3669Holly and Chris-3669 Holly and Chris-5384Holly and Chris-5384 Holly and Chris-5407Holly and Chris-5407 Holly and Chris-5410Holly and Chris-5410 Holly and Chris-5449Holly and Chris-5449 Holly and Chris-5453Holly and Chris-5453 Holly and Chris-5454Holly and Chris-5454 Holly and Chris-5458Holly and Chris-5458 Holly and Chris-3699Holly and Chris-3699 Holly and Chris-5463Holly and Chris-5463 Holly and Chris-5479Holly and Chris-5479 Holly and Chris-3709Holly and Chris-3709 Holly and Chris-5491Holly and Chris-5491

diatom71@bigpond.com (Di Sinclair-Thomas Photography) Albany Di Sinclair-Thomas photographer photography portrait http://disinclairthomasphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/3/holly-and-chris Wed, 23 Mar 2016 09:13:46 GMT
Nate and His Family http://disinclairthomasphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/3/nate-and-his-family On Saturday I had the pleasure of photographing Nate and his brothers Ethan and Tyler, with his mum Donna and dad Paul. This little guy is blessed to have landed smack bang in the middle of a gorgeous and besotted family. I really enjoyed visiting you and helping to get theses precious images before Nat is off and crawling!  I hope you like your previews. 


498Donna and Ed-3239498Donna and Ed-3239 709Donna and Ed-3450709Donna and Ed-3450 837Donna and Ed-3578837Donna and Ed-3578 831Donna and Ed-3572831Donna and Ed-3572 872Donna and Ed-3613872Donna and Ed-3613 872Donna and Ed-3613-2872Donna and Ed-3613-2 498Donna and Ed-3239-2498Donna and Ed-3239-2

diatom71@bigpond.com (Di Sinclair-Thomas Photography) Albany Di Family Sinclair-Thomas babies lifestyle photographer photography portrait http://disinclairthomasphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/3/nate-and-his-family Sun, 06 Mar 2016 13:18:04 GMT
Charmaine and Anthony http://disinclairthomasphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/1/charmaine-and-anthony Charmaine and Anthony said "I do" in the courtyard of the picturesque Southern End Function Centre on the 23rd of January 2016.

The couple were blessed with an amazing summer day and surrounded by family and friends many of whom travelled to make this a special celebration.

Celebrant Wendy Ann Freeland performed a touching and humorous ceremony.

Hair Stylist - Pamella Russell of Bellehair.

Make up artist - Special Occasion Makeup by Tammy 

Cake - Sweet Cherub

Photography Di Sinclair-Thomas and Sarah Burridge


I hope you like your previews xx

Charmaine and Anthony-1575Charmaine and Anthony-1575 Charmaine and Anthony-1578Charmaine and Anthony-1578 Charmaine and Anthony-1585Charmaine and Anthony-1585 Charmaine and Anthony-1599Charmaine and Anthony-1599 Charmaine and Anthony-1644Charmaine and Anthony-1644 Charmaine and Anthony-1650Charmaine and Anthony-1650 Charmaine and Anthony-1657Charmaine and Anthony-1657 Charmaine and Anthony-1710Charmaine and Anthony-1710 Charmaine and Anthony-1713Charmaine and Anthony-1713 Charmaine and Anthony-1727Charmaine and Anthony-1727 Charmaine and Anthony-1738Charmaine and Anthony-1738 Charmaine and Anthony-1740Charmaine and Anthony-1740 Charmaine and Anthony-1762Charmaine and Anthony-1762 Charmaine and Anthony-1773Charmaine and Anthony-1773 Charmaine and Anthony-1779Charmaine and Anthony-1779 Charmaine and Anthony-1793Charmaine and Anthony-1793 Charmaine and Anthony-1808Charmaine and Anthony-1808 Charmaine and Anthony-1819Charmaine and Anthony-1819 Charmaine and Anthony-1837Charmaine and Anthony-1837 Charmaine and Anthony-1853Charmaine and Anthony-1853 Charmaine and Anthony-1890Charmaine and Anthony-1890 Charmaine and Anthony-1896Charmaine and Anthony-1896 Charmaine and Anthony-7562Charmaine and Anthony-7562 Charmaine and Anthony-1942Charmaine and Anthony-1942 Charmaine and Anthony-1943Charmaine and Anthony-1943 Charmaine and Anthony-1973Charmaine and Anthony-1973 Charmaine and Anthony-1979Charmaine and Anthony-1979 Charmaine and Anthony-7596Charmaine and Anthony-7596 Charmaine and Anthony-1981Charmaine and Anthony-1981 Charmaine and Anthony-2006Charmaine and Anthony-2006 Charmaine and Anthony-2060Charmaine and Anthony-2060 Charmaine and Anthony-2071Charmaine and Anthony-2071 Charmaine and Anthony-2090Charmaine and Anthony-2090 Charmaine and Anthony-2217Charmaine and Anthony-2217 Charmaine and Anthony-2220Charmaine and Anthony-2220 Charmaine and Anthony-2222Charmaine and Anthony-2222 Charmaine and Anthony-2228Charmaine and Anthony-2228 Charmaine and Anthony-2243Charmaine and Anthony-2243 Charmaine and Anthony-2247Charmaine and Anthony-2247 Charmaine and Anthony-7702Charmaine and Anthony-7702 Charmaine and Anthony-2256Charmaine and Anthony-2256 Charmaine and Anthony-7711Charmaine and Anthony-7711 Charmaine and Anthony-7716Charmaine and Anthony-7716 Charmaine and Anthony-2279Charmaine and Anthony-2279 Charmaine and Anthony-7720Charmaine and Anthony-7720 Charmaine and Anthony-2299Charmaine and Anthony-2299 Charmaine and Anthony-2332Charmaine and Anthony-2332 Charmaine and Anthony-2362Charmaine and Anthony-2362 Charmaine and Anthony-2383Charmaine and Anthony-2383 Charmaine and Anthony-2399Charmaine and Anthony-2399 Charmaine and Anthony-2403Charmaine and Anthony-2403 Charmaine and Anthony-7747Charmaine and Anthony-7747 Charmaine and Anthony-2419Charmaine and Anthony-2419 Charmaine and Anthony-2421Charmaine and Anthony-2421 Charmaine and Anthony-2486Charmaine and Anthony-2486 Charmaine and Anthony-2496Charmaine and Anthony-2496 Charmaine and Anthony-2499Charmaine and Anthony-2499



diatom71@bigpond.com (Di Sinclair-Thomas Photography) Albany Anthony Charmaine Denmark Di Sinclair-Thomas Family Wedding and photographer photography portrait http://disinclairthomasphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/1/charmaine-and-anthony Thu, 28 Jan 2016 13:45:14 GMT
Breeana and Taylor http://disinclairthomasphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/1/breeana-and-taylor  

Breeana and Taylor exchanged their vows to become man and wife on the 9th of January in the lovely St Johns Church Albany. The touching ceremony was performed by Reverend Alan Taylor.

Breeana and Taylor seem to be blessed by a huge network of loving and supportive family and friends who all helped in many ways to make this a wonderful day.

Their bridal party were a terrific, fun loving and stylish crew who made taking photos a lots of fun - so thank you and I hope you love your previews.


Breeana and Taylor-9319Breeana and Taylor-9319 Breeana and Taylor-9356Breeana and Taylor-9356 Breeana and Taylor-9454Breeana and Taylor-9454 Breeana and Taylor-9460Breeana and Taylor-9460 Breeana and Taylor-9475Breeana and Taylor-9475 Breeana and Taylor-9543Breeana and Taylor-9543 Breeana and Taylor-9738-2Breeana and Taylor-9738-2 Breeana and Taylor-9559Breeana and Taylor-9559 Breeana and Taylor-9574Breeana and Taylor-9574 Breeana and Taylor-9582Breeana and Taylor-9582 Breeana and Taylor-9683Breeana and Taylor-9683 Breeana and Taylor-9697Breeana and Taylor-9697 Breeana and Taylor-9702Breeana and Taylor-9702 Breeana and Taylor-9742Breeana and Taylor-9742 Breeana and Taylor-9758Breeana and Taylor-9758 Breeana and Taylor-9765Breeana and Taylor-9765 Breeana and Taylor-9785Breeana and Taylor-9785 Breeana and Taylor-9896-2Breeana and Taylor-9896-2 Breeana and Taylor-9864Breeana and Taylor-9864 Breeana and Taylor-9872Breeana and Taylor-9872 Breeana and Taylor-9877Breeana and Taylor-9877 Breeana and Taylor-9882Breeana and Taylor-9882 Breeana and Taylor-9894Breeana and Taylor-9894 Breeana and Taylor-9916Breeana and Taylor-9916 Breeana and Taylor-9928Breeana and Taylor-9928 Breeana and Taylor-9941Breeana and Taylor-9941 Breeana and Taylor-9949-2Breeana and Taylor-9949-2 Breeana and Taylor-9946Breeana and Taylor-9946 Breeana and Taylor-9953Breeana and Taylor-9953 Breeana and Taylor-9972Breeana and Taylor-9972 Breeana and Taylor-9970-2Breeana and Taylor-9970-2 Breeana and Taylor-9985-2Breeana and Taylor-9985-2 Breeana and Taylor-0054Breeana and Taylor-0054 Breeana and Taylor-0060Breeana and Taylor-0060 Breeana and Taylor-0084Breeana and Taylor-0084 Breeana and Taylor-0125Breeana and Taylor-0125 Breeana and Taylor-0127Breeana and Taylor-0127 Breeana and Taylor-0144Breeana and Taylor-0144 Breeana and Taylor-0146Breeana and Taylor-0146 Breeana and Taylor-0156Breeana and Taylor-0156 Breeana and Taylor-0166Breeana and Taylor-0166 Breeana and Taylor-0173Breeana and Taylor-0173 Breeana and Taylor-0183Breeana and Taylor-0183 Breeana and Taylor-0192Breeana and Taylor-0192 Breeana and Taylor-0217Breeana and Taylor-0217 Breeana and Taylor-0235Breeana and Taylor-0235 Breeana and Taylor-0252Breeana and Taylor-0252 Breeana and Taylor-0289Breeana and Taylor-0289 Breeana and Taylor-0312Breeana and Taylor-0312 Breeana and Taylor-0342Breeana and Taylor-0342 Breeana and Taylor-0360Breeana and Taylor-0360 Breeana and Taylor-0371Breeana and Taylor-0371 Breeana and Taylor-0378Breeana and Taylor-0378 Breeana and Taylor-0396Breeana and Taylor-0396 Breeana and Taylor-0402Breeana and Taylor-0402 Breeana and Taylor-0409Breeana and Taylor-0409 Breeana and Taylor-0415Breeana and Taylor-0415 Breeana and Taylor-0455Breeana and Taylor-0455 Breeana and Taylor-0465Breeana and Taylor-0465 Breeana and Taylor-0467Breeana and Taylor-0467 Breeana and Taylor-0491Breeana and Taylor-0491 Breeana and Taylor-0500Breeana and Taylor-0500 Breeana and Taylor-0529Breeana and Taylor-0529 Breeana and Taylor-0543Breeana and Taylor-0543 Breeana and Taylor-0549Breeana and Taylor-0549 Breeana and Taylor-0565Breeana and Taylor-0565 Breeana and Taylor-0608Breeana and Taylor-0608 Breeana and Taylor-0629Breeana and Taylor-0629 Breeana and Taylor-0636Breeana and Taylor-0636 Breeana and Taylor-0166-2Breeana and Taylor-0166-2 Breeana and Taylor-0666Breeana and Taylor-0666 Breeana and Taylor-0687Breeana and Taylor-0687 Breeana and Taylor-0698Breeana and Taylor-0698 Breeana and Taylor-0182-2Breeana and Taylor-0182-2 Breeana and Taylor-0182-2-2Breeana and Taylor-0182-2-2 Breeana and Taylor-0708Breeana and Taylor-0708 Breeana and Taylor-0257-2Breeana and Taylor-0257-2 Breeana and Taylor-0791Breeana and Taylor-0791 Breeana and Taylor-0335-2Breeana and Taylor-0335-2 Breeana and Taylor-0368-2Breeana and Taylor-0368-2 Breeana and Taylor-0394Breeana and Taylor-0394 Breeana and Taylor-0425-2Breeana and Taylor-0425-2 Breeana and Taylor-0849Breeana and Taylor-0849 Breeana and Taylor-0881Breeana and Taylor-0881 Breeana and Taylor-0936Breeana and Taylor-0936 Breeana and Taylor-0947Breeana and Taylor-0947 Breeana and Taylor-0948Breeana and Taylor-0948 Breeana and Taylor-0475-2Breeana and Taylor-0475-2

Hair stylist Danika

Make up artist  Biannca

Cake by Auntie Tammy

Videography by Ollie

Florist Hot house flowers

Photography by Di Sinclair-Thomas and Peter Towers

diatom71@bigpond.com (Di Sinclair-Thomas Photography) Albany Di Family Sinclair-Thomas photographer photography portrait http://disinclairthomasphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/1/breeana-and-taylor Thu, 14 Jan 2016 15:33:17 GMT
Boys adventures http://disinclairthomasphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/12/boys-adventures Cuteness overload alert!

Its a brave mum who brings their 3 active, small boys to a lake at witching hour dressed in their nice clean clothes. I am glad she did!

I hope you like your previews Kaylah xxx


Tugwell-5989Tugwell-5989 Tugwell-6017Tugwell-6017 Tugwell-6054Tugwell-6054 Tugwell-6070Tugwell-6070 Tugwell-6072Tugwell-6072 Tugwell-6096Tugwell-6096


diatom71@bigpond.com (Di Sinclair-Thomas Photography) http://disinclairthomasphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/12/boys-adventures Wed, 16 Dec 2015 15:26:25 GMT
A Celebration of Love, Family and Friends - Emma and Greg http://disinclairthomasphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/12/a-celebration-of-love-family-and-friends---emma-and-greg Emma and Greg's Wedding was a truly lovely occasion the perfect combination of happy kids and relaxed adults.

The ceremony was officiated by John Power at Fisheries Beach we were blessed by perfect weather conditions. The reception was held in the stunning private gardens of James and Sian which was a photographers delight.

The charismatic Andrew was master of Ceremony with Geoff Waldeck and Lez providing great music. The guests also contributed some great music much to ever ones delight.

I wish you both all the best for the adventures ahead and feel very blessed to have been part of your lovely wedding I hope you enjoy your previews xx


Emma and Greg-6793Emma and Greg-6793 Emma and Greg-6805Emma and Greg-6805 Emma and Greg-6840Emma and Greg-6840 Emma and Greg-6874Emma and Greg-6874 Emma and Greg-6916Emma and Greg-6916 Emma and Greg-6930Emma and Greg-6930 Emma and Greg-6963Emma and Greg-6963 Emma and Greg-6940Emma and Greg-6940 Emma and Greg-6988Emma and Greg-6988 Emma and Greg-7012Emma and Greg-7012 Emma and Greg-6998Emma and Greg-6998 Emma and Greg-7021Emma and Greg-7021 Emma and Greg-7029Emma and Greg-7029 Emma and Greg-7015Emma and Greg-7015 Emma and Greg-7035Emma and Greg-7035 Emma and Greg-7050Emma and Greg-7050 Emma and Greg-6278Emma and Greg-6278 Emma and Greg-6267Emma and Greg-6267 Emma and Greg-6281Emma and Greg-6281 Emma and Greg-7097Emma and Greg-7097 Emma and Greg-7116Emma and Greg-7116 Emma and Greg-7126Emma and Greg-7126 Emma and Greg-7148Emma and Greg-7148 Emma and Greg-7211Emma and Greg-7211 Emma and Greg-7255Emma and Greg-7255 Emma and Greg-7263Emma and Greg-7263 Emma and Greg-7291Emma and Greg-7291 Emma and Greg-7312Emma and Greg-7312 Emma and Greg-7362Emma and Greg-7362 Emma and Greg-7369Emma and Greg-7369 Emma and Greg-6324Emma and Greg-6324 Emma and Greg-7424Emma and Greg-7424 Emma and Greg-7428Emma and Greg-7428 Emma and Greg-6349Emma and Greg-6349 Emma and Greg-6360Emma and Greg-6360 Emma and Greg-7464Emma and Greg-7464 Emma and Greg-7474Emma and Greg-7474 Emma and Greg-7481Emma and Greg-7481 Emma and Greg-7492Emma and Greg-7492 Emma and Greg-7524Emma and Greg-7524 Emma and Greg-7555Emma and Greg-7555 Emma and Greg-7570Emma and Greg-7570 Emma and Greg-7578Emma and Greg-7578 Emma and Greg-7581Emma and Greg-7581 Emma and Greg-7591Emma and Greg-7591 Emma and Greg-7593Emma and Greg-7593 Emma and Greg-7605Emma and Greg-7605 Emma and Greg-7746Emma and Greg-7746 Emma and Greg-7736Emma and Greg-7736 Emma and Greg-7646Emma and Greg-7646 Emma and Greg-7655Emma and Greg-7655 Emma and Greg-7664Emma and Greg-7664 Emma and Greg-6379Emma and Greg-6379 Emma and Greg-7765Emma and Greg-7765 Emma and Greg-7772Emma and Greg-7772 Emma and Greg-7773Emma and Greg-7773 Emma and Greg-7685Emma and Greg-7685 Emma and Greg-7695Emma and Greg-7695 Emma and Greg-7707Emma and Greg-7707 Emma and Greg-8143Emma and Greg-8143 Emma and Greg-8009Emma and Greg-8009 Emma and Greg-6566Emma and Greg-6566 Emma and Greg-6569Emma and Greg-6569 Emma and Greg-8197Emma and Greg-8197 Emma and Greg-8206Emma and Greg-8206 Emma and Greg-8230Emma and Greg-8230 Emma and Greg-7820Emma and Greg-7820 Emma and Greg-6620Emma and Greg-6620 Emma and Greg-8408Emma and Greg-8408 Emma and Greg-8419Emma and Greg-8419 Emma and Greg-8447Emma and Greg-8447 Emma and Greg-8498Emma and Greg-8498 Emma and Greg-8500Emma and Greg-8500 Emma and Greg-8543Emma and Greg-8543 Emma and Greg-8547Emma and Greg-8547 Emma and Greg-6691Emma and Greg-6691 Emma and Greg-8567Emma and Greg-8567 Emma and Greg-8581Emma and Greg-8581


Catering Lee-Anne Sugg from The Wandering  Kitchen.

Hair By Renee Rumble

Makeup by Hannah Potter

Cake -  Amy Green

Flowers - Blommin Flowers

Transport - Albany Vintage Car Club

Big thank you to Steph for being a terrific photographers assistant xx




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Emma and Greg http://disinclairthomasphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/12/emma-and-greg It was lovely to have a chat and quick engagement shoot with Emma and Greg yesterday. Really looking forward to their wedding day and spending more time with this lovely couple in these magical gardens.


Emma and Greg-6232Emma and Greg-6232 Emma and Greg-6237Emma and Greg-6237 Emma and Greg-6242Emma and Greg-6242 Emma and Greg-6250Emma and Greg-6250 Emma and Greg-6255Emma and Greg-6255 Emma and Greg-6268Emma and Greg-6268 Emma and Greg-6273Emma and Greg-6273 Emma and Greg-6276Emma and Greg-6276

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A great place to get ready on your Wedding Day. http://disinclairthomasphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/11/a-great-place-to-stay-for-a-wedding-party I recently got to have a look around Balneaire Seaside Resort whilst scouting for a romantic location to take a Bride and Groom portrait.


If your looking for somewhere for your wedding party to stay and get ready or accommodation for visiting family it would be hard to find a better accommodation. The grounds are so lovely and a stones throw from Middleton Beach, Three Anchors, Hybla, Bay Merchants, Erye Park and Rats.


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diatom71@bigpond.com (Di Sinclair-Thomas Photography) http://disinclairthomasphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/11/a-great-place-to-stay-for-a-wedding-party Sat, 21 Nov 2015 13:51:07 GMT
Miriam and Craig http://disinclairthomasphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/11/miriam-and-craig I had the pleasure of being part of the lovely wedding of Craig and Miriam Little on Sunday. 

The ceremony was officiated by Major Paul at the Salvation Army Church Albany. Craig and Miriam were surrounded by their family and friends many of whom travelled a long way to be part of their special day. The reception was held at the Vintage Car Club where we were all treated to dancing lessons to everyones amusement and enjoyment.

Who would have thought that such a beautiful love story and family could start at the Jerramungup Roadhouse? 

Thank you guys for a great day it was lovely to meet all your family and friends. I hope you like your previews.


Craig and Miriam-8165Craig and Miriam-8165 Sophie-8200Sophie-8200 Craig and Miriam-8206Craig and Miriam-8206 Craig and Miriam-8222Craig and Miriam-8222 Craig and Miriam-8240Craig and Miriam-8240 Craig and Miriam-8260Craig and Miriam-8260 Craig and Miriam-8267Craig and Miriam-8267 Craig and Miriam-8269Craig and Miriam-8269 Sophie-8274Sophie-8274 Craig and Miriam-8285Craig and Miriam-8285 Craig and Miriam-8313Craig and Miriam-8313 Craig and Miriam-8363Craig and Miriam-8363 Sophie-8415Sophie-8415 Craig and Miriam-8426Craig and Miriam-8426 Craig and Miriam-8428Craig and Miriam-8428 Craig and Miriam-8435Craig and Miriam-8435 Sophie-8499Sophie-8499 Sophie-8519Sophie-8519 Craig and Miriam-8569Craig and Miriam-8569 Sophie-8572Sophie-8572 Sophie-8576Sophie-8576 Craig and Miriam-8599Craig and Miriam-8599 Craig and Miriam-8743Craig and Miriam-8743 Craig and Miriam-8781Craig and Miriam-8781 Craig and Miriam-8802Craig and Miriam-8802 Craig and Miriam-8808Craig and Miriam-8808 Craig and Miriam-8850Craig and Miriam-8850 Craig and Miriam-8887Craig and Miriam-8887 Craig and Miriam-8895Craig and Miriam-8895 Craig and Miriam-8897Craig and Miriam-8897 Craig and Miriam-8899Craig and Miriam-8899 Craig and Miriam-8904Craig and Miriam-8904 Sophie-8909Sophie-8909 Craig and Miriam-8910Craig and Miriam-8910 Craig and Miriam-8914Craig and Miriam-8914 Craig and Miriam-8939Craig and Miriam-8939

Craig and Miriam-8974Craig and Miriam-8974

Craig and Miriam-8976Craig and Miriam-8976 Craig and Miriam-8978Craig and Miriam-8978 Craig and Miriam-8985Craig and Miriam-8985 Craig and Miriam-9049Craig and Miriam-9049 Craig and Miriam-9053Craig and Miriam-9053 Craig and Miriam-9059Craig and Miriam-9059 Craig and Miriam-9072Craig and Miriam-9072 Craig and Miriam-9076Craig and Miriam-9076 Craig and Miriam-9080Craig and Miriam-9080 Sophie-9095Sophie-9095 Craig and Miriam-9104Craig and Miriam-9104 Craig and Miriam-9108Craig and Miriam-9108 Craig and Miriam-9115Craig and Miriam-9115 Craig and Miriam-9119Craig and Miriam-9119 Craig and Miriam-9195Craig and Miriam-9195 Craig and Miriam-9236Craig and Miriam-9236 Sophie-9258Sophie-9258 Craig and Miriam-9309Craig and Miriam-9309


Hair by Pamela Russell of Bellehair Traveling Hairstylist

Makeup Artist Jo Pinchin of Makeup By Jolene

Flowers by Blooming Flowers

Cake by Kelsey Hortin

Photography by Di Sinclair-Thomas and Sarah Jane Burridge





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