Boys, Bikes and Bubbles

October 02, 2015  •  3 Comments

We had an action-packed afternoon with the Galos family last week.

It was a lovely golden-light afternoon and a beautiful setting to play in. Big thank you to all the kids and teens (and Charlie) for being such good sports and showing me their toys I do love a bit of action photography.

Photos by Di Sinclair-Thomas and Stephanie Sodano


Galos-7662Galos-7662 Galos-7688Galos-7688 Galos-7698Galos-7698 Galos-7741Galos-7741 Galos-7802Galos-7802 Galos-7818Galos-7818 Galos-7825Galos-7825 Galos-7872Galos-7872 Galos-7892Galos-7892 Galos-7966Galos-7966 Galos-5475Galos-5475 Galos-8025Galos-8025 Galos-8039Galos-8039 Galos-8071Galos-8071 Galos-8076-2Galos-8076-2 Galos-8098Galos-8098 Galos-8174Galos-8174 Galos-8185Galos-8185 Galos-8196Galos-8196 Galos-5482Galos-5482 Galos-5489Galos-5489 Galos-8221Galos-8221 Galos-8229Galos-8229 Galos-8259Galos-8259 Galos-5512Galos-5512 Galos-8294Galos-8294 Galos-8301Galos-8301 Galos-8347Galos-8347 Galos-8352Galos-8352 Galos-8353Galos-8353 Galos-8369Galos-8369 Galos-8384Galos-8384 Galos-8411Galos-8411 Galos-8415Galos-8415 Galos-8430Galos-8430 Galos-8496Galos-8496 Galos-8536Galos-8536 Galos-5557Galos-5557 Galos-5571Galos-5571 Galos-8581Galos-8581


Charlie and Nola(non-registered)
We really love all the photos Di , thank you so much for a great day and making us feel so relaxed . You have captured our family perfectly, can't wait to see more.
Di Sinclair-Thomas Photography
Thanks Janean for you lovely feedback. I love lifestyle photos on peoples properties It is a wonderful way to show what all the kids are into and capture this moment in time for them
Janean Moulden.(non-registered)
Such a wonderful idea.

What a fantastic job you have done capturing the entire family so naturally.

Nola and Charlie you look fantastic.
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