Laizza and Gio's Wedding

March 29, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Laizza and Gio were joined as man and wife before God by Father Christian Saminal on Saturday the 28th of March in the beautiful St Josephs Church.

They were surrounded by the most beautiful collection of family and friends with the cutest entourage of children you could ever imagine. The enthusiasm and sense of of fun in your wedding party has made for some awesome images I hope you love them as much as I do.

Thank you Laizza and Gio for letting me be part of you special day it was so lovely to witness a ceremony so full of love. I wish you every blessing for the future Mr and Mrs Bermudez.

Laizza and Gio-5239Laizza and Gio-5239 Laizza and Gio-5288Laizza and Gio-5288 Laizza and Gio-5301Laizza and Gio-5301

Laizza and Gio-5348Laizza and Gio-5348 Laizza and Gio-5452Laizza and Gio-5452 Laizza and Gio-5470Laizza and Gio-5470 Laizza and Gio-5484Laizza and Gio-5484 Laizza and Gio-5507Laizza and Gio-5507 Laizza and Gio-5500Laizza and Gio-5500 Laizza and Gio-5531Laizza and Gio-5531 Laizza and Gio-5537Laizza and Gio-5537 Laizza and Gio-5562Laizza and Gio-5562 Laizza and Gio-5584Laizza and Gio-5584 Laizza and Gio-5594Laizza and Gio-5594 Laizza and Gio-5629Laizza and Gio-5629 Laizza and Gio-5706Laizza and Gio-5706 Laizza and Gio-5719Laizza and Gio-5719 Laizza and Gio-5745Laizza and Gio-5745 Laizza and Gio-5751Laizza and Gio-5751 Laizza and Gio-5768Laizza and Gio-5768 Laizza and Gio-5776Laizza and Gio-5776 Laizza and Gio-5911Laizza and Gio-5911 Laizza and Gio-4691Laizza and Gio-4691 Laizza and Gio-5937Laizza and Gio-5937 Laizza and Gio-5941Laizza and Gio-5941 Laizza and Gio-5961Laizza and Gio-5961


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