Rebecca, Sam, Layla, Jackson and family

June 28, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

We had amazing golden sunshine on Saturday for this family's portrait session. 

I had said to my super assistant Steph on the way that is hard to get good pictures of a two year old unless they are hitting a tree with a stick - the only kind of picture I have of my gorgeous boy at that age. Also its hard to take a bad photo of a 7 month old as they are all smiles and eye contact at that age.

Rules for family portraits:

1. Two year olds are in charge.

2. Any questions see rule one.

I think we did manage to capture the gorgeous miss Layla and ever smiling Jackson quite well after all... Thanks guys it was so lovely to meet you and she your lovely place.

Layla and Jackson-26Layla and Jackson-26 Layla and Jackson-41Layla and Jackson-41 Layla and Jackson-59Layla and Jackson-59 Layla and Jackson-80Layla and Jackson-80 Layla and Jackson-85Layla and Jackson-85 Layla and Jackson-86Layla and Jackson-86 Layla and Jackson-97Layla and Jackson-97 Layla and Jackson-110Layla and Jackson-110 Layla and Jackson-137Layla and Jackson-137 Layla and Jackson-149Layla and Jackson-149 Layla and Jackson-159Layla and Jackson-159 Layla and Jackson-184Layla and Jackson-184 Layla and Jackson-342Layla and Jackson-342 Layla and Jackson-347Layla and Jackson-347 Layla and Jackson-348Layla and Jackson-348 Layla and Jackson-209Layla and Jackson-209 Layla and Jackson-218Layla and Jackson-218 Layla and Jackson-350Layla and Jackson-350 Layla and Jackson-280Layla and Jackson-280 Layla and Jackson-298Layla and Jackson-298 Layla and Jackson-322Layla and Jackson-322 Layla and Jackson-326Layla and Jackson-326 Layla and Jackson-329Layla and Jackson-329 Layla and Jackson-331Layla and Jackson-331


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