Dragon Martial Arts Black Belt Grading July 2015

July 27, 2015  •  3 Comments

Black Belt Grading took place at Dragon Martial Arts Albany on Saturday July 25th.


The test duration was nearly 5 hours great to see you all show-casing the cumulation of years of hard work. Congratulations to you all here are some previews of the day....


At the very bottom is a link to all the images in an online gallery.

* I have converted many of the images to black and white as the matts and fluorescent light can cause funny colour casts.



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This is the link to the complete gallery of images it is best to select the slideshow option and sit back and watch...







Di Sinclair-Thomas





Cheryl Davies(non-registered)
Love the photos...especially the one where Josh broke the board breaking machine off the wall. Will def be buying some. Thx so much Di
Nathan Sandall(non-registered)
These photos are amazing, I really love the one where Josh is breaking the board folder :)
Craig Little(non-registered)
Very very cool do.
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