Dogs, Ducks and Small Boys

September 10, 2015  •  1 Comment

The Tugwell family could not have asked for a better day for their family portraits.


Wednesday was one of those glorious Albany spring days and the family property is absolutely beautiful.


I asked young Kelso if he would be my model so I could adjust my camera to take a few shots of the cute 3 month old twins indoors. He said "yes" and promptly disappeared only to return with a sparkly hat and a microphone! You have to love his style.


Aside from Kelso this family have rather a large collection of small energetic boys - luckily for me though there were also two amazing young ladies Sarah and Laura who were fantastic help thanks guys.


Thanks for sharing you part of the world with me I hope you like your previews...


Tugwell-5747Tugwell-5747 Tugwell-5797Tugwell-5797 Tugwell-5862Tugwell-5862 Tugwell-5886Tugwell-5886 Tugwell-5894Tugwell-5894 Tugwell-5936Tugwell-5936 Tugwell-5959Tugwell-5959 Tugwell-5422Tugwell-5422 Tugwell-6046Tugwell-6046 Tugwell-6052Tugwell-6052 Tugwell-6085Tugwell-6085 Tugwell-6102Tugwell-6102 Tugwell-6114Tugwell-6114 Tugwell-6127Tugwell-6127 Tugwell-6151Tugwell-6151 Tugwell-6161Tugwell-6161 Tugwell-5427Tugwell-5427 Tugwell-5436Tugwell-5436 Tugwell-6220Tugwell-6220 Tugwell-6232Tugwell-6232 Tugwell-6240Tugwell-6240 Tugwell-6259Tugwell-6259 Tugwell-6304Tugwell-6304 Tugwell-6398Tugwell-6398 Tugwell-6426Tugwell-6426 Tugwell-6428Tugwell-6428 Tugwell-6442Tugwell-6442 Tugwell-6446-2Tugwell-6446-2 Tugwell-6483Tugwell-6483 Tugwell-6492Tugwell-6492 Tugwell-6495Tugwell-6495 Tugwell-6498Tugwell-6498 Tugwell-6558Tugwell-6558 Tugwell-6597Tugwell-6597 Tugwell-5441Tugwell-5441 Tugwell-6623Tugwell-6623 Tugwell-6640Tugwell-6640 Tugwell-6640-2Tugwell-6640-2 Tugwell-5444Tugwell-5444


Absolutely beautiful.
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