Impulse Cycles

November 14, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

If you have not had a go on an electric bike do yourself a favour and take one for a spin they are seriously good fun! Check out these images...


Impulse-40Impulse-40 Impulse-48Impulse-48 Impulse-53Impulse-53 Impulse-68Impulse-68 Impulse-74Impulse-74 Impulse-79Impulse-79 Impulse-83Impulse-83 Impulse-88Impulse-88 Impulse-95Impulse-95 Impulse-107Impulse-107 Impulse-110Impulse-110 Impulse-114Impulse-114 Impulse-135Impulse-135 Impulse-149Impulse-149 Impulse-156Impulse-156 Impulse-162Impulse-162 Impulse-163Impulse-163 Impulse-188Impulse-188 Impulse-203Impulse-203 Impulse-210Impulse-210 Impulse-214Impulse-214 Impulse-221Impulse-221 Impulse-233Impulse-233 Impulse-238Impulse-238 Impulse-247Impulse-247 Impulse-273Impulse-273 Impulse-282Impulse-282 Impulse-292Impulse-292 Impulse-303Impulse-303 Impulse-337Impulse-337 Impulse-340Impulse-340 Impulse-399Impulse-399 Impulse-395Impulse-395 Impulse-367Impulse-367 I recently had the pleasure of working with the crew from Impulse Cycles and Jacqui from Spurr of the Moment Design to capture images of their range of bikes for hire and purchase.

A big thank you to all the models who got out of bed early to be part of the action - Abbie, Ziva, Elana, Alicia, Ellie and Shane. Thanks also to Kingsley, Phil and Nav from Impulse Cycles and Jacqui from Spurr of the Moment Designs for asking me to be part of the process and being so fabulous to work with.

What did I learn from this shoot?  That there is always room in the garage for just one more bike!

Shane I am still recovering from your socks the doctors assure me my retinas will heal in time...





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