Albany Trail Run 2017

October 16, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Saturday the 14th of October was a perfect day to be photographing the Albany Trail Run. Participants were treated to a feast of stunning coastline and wildflowers.

The Little Whalers Kids' Run was awesome to watch with heaps of determination and spirit shown by the 26 kids participating in the 1.3km trail and 23 kids in the 2.6km event. It was held in and around the picturesque Discovery Bay Botanical Gardens and  Albany's Historic Whaling Station.

The 23km trail runners also took in Goode Beach, Whalers Cove, Point Possession, Camp Quaranup and Shoal Bay.

Well done to all the organisers and volunteers on an excellent event, I hope you enjoy the previews...


When you have finished looking at the previews you can see all the event images here:     the password is "catchme"

Images or prints can be purchased for a small fee with all profits going to ADHOC -  Albany and Denmark Hinterland Orienteering Club inc.


Many thanks to the event sponsors:

Government of Western Australia

City of Albany

Amazing Albany

Albany's Historic Whaling Station

Department of Sports and Recreation

South Coast Sports Medicine

Shots Sports Nutrition


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