Previews of Stacey, Doug and Douglas

January 24, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Here are some previews of the family portrait session I did on Saturday with Stacey, Doug and the very smiley 15 month old Douglas. I really love all the autumn tones that this time of year has it makes for really nice images.  Stacey and Doug-0211Stacey and Doug-0211


Stacey and Doug-0229Stacey and Doug-0229


Stacey and Doug-0234Stacey and Doug-0234

Stacey and Doug-0254Stacey and Doug-0254


Stacey and Doug-0260Stacey and Doug-0260


Stacey and Doug-0274Stacey and Doug-0274


Stacey and Doug-0307Stacey and Doug-0307


Stacey and Doug-0372Stacey and Doug-0372


Stacey and Doug-0386Stacey and Doug-0386




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