There are Fairies in my Garden

October 10, 2015  •  1 Comment

I spend a lovely sunny afternoon with Kylie, Euan, Angus and Kate. I think we have got some lovely shots that capture your family, enjoy!

Rennie-9539Rennie-9539 Rennie-9556Rennie-9556 Rennie-9570Rennie-9570 Rennie-9584Rennie-9584 Rennie-9585Rennie-9585 Rennie-9631Rennie-9631 Rennie-9663Rennie-9663 Rennie-9686Rennie-9686 Rennie-9720Rennie-9720

Rennie-9727Rennie-9727 Rennie-9828Rennie-9828 Rennie-9838Rennie-9838 Rennie-9867Rennie-9867 Rennie-9885Rennie-9885

Rennie-9907Rennie-9907 Rennie-9900Rennie-9900 Rennie-9960Rennie-9960 Rennie-9981Rennie-9981


Gorgeous little family and beautiful photos as ever Di
Can't even tell Kate hurt her chin :) love you all xxxx
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