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Gina and Bryon's Big Surprise

June 21, 2016  •  4 Comments

Gina and Bryon invited a few of their closest friends to farewell them before their big move to Port Hedland on the 30th of April.

The celebration was held at Frenchy's Restaurant we all had a lovely meal, the jokes and wine were flowing.

Then they introduced Susan Barretts from the next table and announced that they were going to get married much to the surprise and delight of the gathered friends.

The ceremony was lovely and we were all so happy to be part of these two soul mates celebrating their commitment. 

I took some sneaky wedding pictures prior to the dinner at the  Albany Bali Style Accommodation.

Here are a few pictures from the day for you and your friends and family Gina and Bryon xxx


Make up by the lovely Tammy Bemben

Gina and Brian-7Gina and Brian-7 Gina and Brian-11Gina and Brian-11 Gina and Brian-16Gina and Brian-16 Gina and Brian-21Gina and Brian-21 Gina and Brian-25Gina and Brian-25 Gina and Brian-36Gina and Brian-36 Gina and Brian-39Gina and Brian-39 Gina and Brian-41Gina and Brian-41 Gina and Brian-46Gina and Brian-46 Gina and Brian-47Gina and Brian-47 Gina and Brian-50Gina and Brian-50 Gina and Brian-52Gina and Brian-52 Gina and Brian-53Gina and Brian-53 Gina and Brian-60Gina and Brian-60 Gina and Brian-69Gina and Brian-69 Gina and Brian-72Gina and Brian-72 Gina and Brian-76Gina and Brian-76 Gina and Brian-90Gina and Brian-90 Gina and Brian-98Gina and Brian-98 Gina and Brian-102Gina and Brian-102 Gina and Brian-111Gina and Brian-111 Gina and Brian-123Gina and Brian-123 Gina and Brian-125Gina and Brian-125 Gina and Brian-128Gina and Brian-128 Gina and Brian-134Gina and Brian-134 Gina and Brian-141Gina and Brian-141 Gina and Brian-162Gina and Brian-162 Gina and Brian-174Gina and Brian-174 Gina and Brian-195Gina and Brian-195 Gina and Brian-197Gina and Brian-197 Gina and Brian-202Gina and Brian-202 Gina and Brian-207Gina and Brian-207 Gina and Brian-213Gina and Brian-213 Gina and Brian-231Gina and Brian-231 Gina and Brian-233Gina and Brian-233 Gina and Brian-237Gina and Brian-237 Gina and Brian-247Gina and Brian-247 Gina and Brian-261Gina and Brian-261 Gina and Brian-266Gina and Brian-266 Gina and Brian-271Gina and Brian-271 Gina and Brian-274Gina and Brian-274 Gina and Brian-276Gina and Brian-276 Gina and Brian-277Gina and Brian-277 Gina and Brian-279Gina and Brian-279 Gina and Brian-280Gina and Brian-280 Gina and Brian-283Gina and Brian-283 Gina and Brian-284Gina and Brian-284 Gina and Brian-286Gina and Brian-286 Gina and Brian-290Gina and Brian-290 Gina and Brian-294Gina and Brian-294 Gina and Brian-296Gina and Brian-296



Tracey Clements(non-registered)
Absolutely stunning.
Mandy Shailer(non-registered)
I feel privileged to have been told prior to the wedding, such beautiful photos of 2 beautiful people. So happy for them xx
Catherine Willner(non-registered)
Stunning photos. What a beautiful night it was. Markus and I had a wonderful time xxx
Heidi Whitehead(non-registered)
You sneaky little devils you! Im never trusting any of you again!!! Lol

Beautiful Gina and Bryon. Congratulations again. Xoxo
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