Di Sinclair-Thomas Photography | MSWA Inaugural Ride

MSWA Inaugural Ride

February 18, 2018  •  2 Comments

Sunday the 17th of February 2018 marked the first MSWA Ride to be held in Albany Western Australia.

This unique cycling event that took riders through the scenic town of Albany  exploring some of the City's most iconic spots including the National ANZAC Centre, the Historic Whaling Station, the Wind Farm and Middleton Beach. Ride distances included the 10km Family Ride, 40km Ride and 80km Challenge. 

The ride started and finished at picturesque Emu Point, which was transformed into a hive of festivity with food and beverage vendors, children's activities and music. 

The event attracted cyclists of all skill levels from around Australia to participate in raising awareness and helping to raise vital funds for people living with MS and other neurological conditions in the Great Southern Region.

The event was generously sponsored by Southern Ports Authority.

The event was also supported by Passmore Cycles, Albany Physiotherapy, Emu Point Cafe, The Rapid Relief Team, MacDonalds Albany and Di Sinclair-Thomas Photography.

The event raised a massive  $19310! Well done to the event organisers and volunteers this was a fabulous event. Its not too late to donate and lend your support to this important cause.

I hope you enjoy the sample of some of the images from the day. You can view all the images by clicking the link below.


MSWA Ride 2018-5MSWA Ride 2018-5 MSWA Ride 2018-6MSWA Ride 2018-6 MSWA Ride 2018-7MSWA Ride 2018-7 MSWA Ride 2018-9MSWA Ride 2018-9 MSWA Ride 2018-10MSWA Ride 2018-10 MSWA Ride 2018-12MSWA Ride 2018-12 MSWA Ride 2018-14MSWA Ride 2018-14 MSWA Ride 2018-16MSWA Ride 2018-16 MSWA Ride 2018-19MSWA Ride 2018-19 MSWA Ride 2018-21MSWA Ride 2018-21 MSWA Ride 2018-23MSWA Ride 2018-23 MSWA Ride 2018-26MSWA Ride 2018-26 MSWA Ride 2018-28MSWA Ride 2018-28 MSWA Ride 2018-30MSWA Ride 2018-30 MSWA Ride 2018-34MSWA Ride 2018-34 MSWA Ride 2018-37MSWA Ride 2018-37    MSWA Ride 2018-40MSWA Ride 2018-40 MSWA Ride 2018-41MSWA Ride 2018-41 MSWA Ride 2018-42MSWA Ride 2018-42 MSWA Ride 2018-45MSWA Ride 2018-45 MSWA Ride 2018-47MSWA Ride 2018-47 MSWA Ride 2018-53MSWA Ride 2018-53 MSWA Ride 2018-55MSWA Ride 2018-55 MSWA Ride 2018-59MSWA Ride 2018-59 MSWA Ride 2018-66MSWA Ride 2018-66 MSWA Ride 2018-67MSWA Ride 2018-67 MSWA Ride 2018-71MSWA Ride 2018-71 MSWA Ride 2018-78MSWA Ride 2018-78 MSWA Ride 2018-80MSWA Ride 2018-80 MSWA Ride 2018-81MSWA Ride 2018-81 MSWA Ride 2018-84MSWA Ride 2018-84 MSWA Ride 2018-86MSWA Ride 2018-86 MSWA Ride 2018-87MSWA Ride 2018-87 MSWA Ride 2018-88MSWA Ride 2018-88 MSWA Ride 2018-92MSWA Ride 2018-92 MSWA Ride 2018-94MSWA Ride 2018-94 MSWA Ride 2018-96MSWA Ride 2018-96 MSWA Ride 2018-100MSWA Ride 2018-100 MSWA Ride 2018-105MSWA Ride 2018-105 MSWA Ride 2018-107MSWA Ride 2018-107 MSWA Ride 2018-108MSWA Ride 2018-108 MSWA Ride 2018-109MSWA Ride 2018-109 MSWA Ride 2018-112MSWA Ride 2018-112 MSWA Ride 2018-114MSWA Ride 2018-114 MSWA Ride 2018-118MSWA Ride 2018-118 MSWA Ride 2018-119MSWA Ride 2018-119 MSWA Ride 2018-122MSWA Ride 2018-122 MSWA Ride 2018-124MSWA Ride 2018-124 MSWA Ride 2018-126MSWA Ride 2018-126 MSWA Ride 2018-130MSWA Ride 2018-130 MSWA Ride 2018-131MSWA Ride 2018-131 MSWA Ride 2018-132MSWA Ride 2018-132 MSWA Ride 2018-134MSWA Ride 2018-134 MSWA Ride 2018-137MSWA Ride 2018-137 MSWA Ride 2018-142MSWA Ride 2018-142 MSWA Ride 2018-145MSWA Ride 2018-145 MSWA Ride 2018-152MSWA Ride 2018-152 MSWA Ride 2018-154MSWA Ride 2018-154 MSWA Ride 2018-158MSWA Ride 2018-158 MSWA Ride 2018-161MSWA Ride 2018-161 MSWA Ride 2018-162MSWA Ride 2018-162 MSWA Ride 2018-164MSWA Ride 2018-164 MSWA Ride 2018-165MSWA Ride 2018-165 MSWA Ride 2018-167MSWA Ride 2018-167 MSWA Ride 2018-169MSWA Ride 2018-169 MSWA Ride 2018-170MSWA Ride 2018-170 MSWA Ride 2018-171MSWA Ride 2018-171 MSWA Ride 2018-174MSWA Ride 2018-174 MSWA Ride 2018-176MSWA Ride 2018-176 MSWA Ride 2018-179MSWA Ride 2018-179 MSWA Ride 2018-180MSWA Ride 2018-180 MSWA Ride 2018-182MSWA Ride 2018-182 MSWA Ride 2018-184MSWA Ride 2018-184 MSWA Ride 2018-187MSWA Ride 2018-187 MSWA Ride 2018-188MSWA Ride 2018-188 MSWA Ride 2018-190MSWA Ride 2018-190 MSWA Ride 2018-193MSWA Ride 2018-193 MSWA Ride 2018-196MSWA Ride 2018-196 MSWA Ride 2018-197MSWA Ride 2018-197 MSWA Ride 2018-200MSWA Ride 2018-200 MSWA Ride 2018-202MSWA Ride 2018-202 MSWA Ride 2018-214MSWA Ride 2018-214 MSWA Ride 2018-218MSWA Ride 2018-218 MSWA Ride 2018-221MSWA Ride 2018-221 MSWA Ride 2018-227MSWA Ride 2018-227 MSWA Ride 2018-228MSWA Ride 2018-228 MSWA Ride 2018-233MSWA Ride 2018-233 MSWA Ride 2018-236MSWA Ride 2018-236 MSWA Ride 2018-239MSWA Ride 2018-239 MSWA Ride 2018-242MSWA Ride 2018-242 MSWA Ride 2018-244MSWA Ride 2018-244 MSWA Ride 2018-247MSWA Ride 2018-247 MSWA Ride 2018-249MSWA Ride 2018-249 MSWA Ride 2018-251MSWA Ride 2018-251 MSWA Ride 2018-252MSWA Ride 2018-252 MSWA Ride 2018-255MSWA Ride 2018-255 MSWA Ride 2018-257MSWA Ride 2018-257 MSWA Ride 2018-259MSWA Ride 2018-259 MSWA Ride 2018-260MSWA Ride 2018-260 MSWA Ride 2018-262MSWA Ride 2018-262 MSWA Ride 2018-263MSWA Ride 2018-263 MSWA Ride 2018-265MSWA Ride 2018-265 MSWA Ride 2018-266MSWA Ride 2018-266 MSWA Ride 2018-269MSWA Ride 2018-269 MSWA Ride 2018-270MSWA Ride 2018-270 MSWA Ride 2018-273MSWA Ride 2018-273 MSWA Ride 2018-276MSWA Ride 2018-276 MSWA Ride 2018-279MSWA Ride 2018-279 MSWA Ride 2018-282MSWA Ride 2018-282 MSWA Ride 2018-285MSWA Ride 2018-285 MSWA Ride 2018-292MSWA Ride 2018-292 MSWA Ride 2018-295MSWA Ride 2018-295 MSWA Ride 2018-296MSWA Ride 2018-296 MSWA Ride 2018-299MSWA Ride 2018-299 MSWA Ride 2018-305MSWA Ride 2018-305 MSWA Ride 2018-314MSWA Ride 2018-314 MSWA Ride 2018-318MSWA Ride 2018-318 MSWA Ride 2018-320MSWA Ride 2018-320 MSWA Ride 2018-323MSWA Ride 2018-323 MSWA Ride 2018-325MSWA Ride 2018-325 MSWA Ride 2018-326MSWA Ride 2018-326 MSWA Ride 2018-329MSWA Ride 2018-329 MSWA Ride 2018-330MSWA Ride 2018-330 MSWA Ride 2018-332MSWA Ride 2018-332 MSWA Ride 2018-333MSWA Ride 2018-333 MSWA Ride 2018-334MSWA Ride 2018-334 MSWA Ride 2018-337MSWA Ride 2018-337 MSWA Ride 2018-339MSWA Ride 2018-339 MSWA Ride 2018-343MSWA Ride 2018-343


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Linda Friedland(non-registered)
Di, these photos are absolutely awesome! Thank you for your fabulous support. I would love to get a couple of the photos from you- if you let me know how to go about it and cost. Thx heaps!
Jacqui Grieve(non-registered)
Awesome pics as per usual Di! Well done.
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