Di Sinclair-Thomas Photography | Welcoming the Whales Festival

Welcoming the Whales Festival

June 08, 2017  •  1 Comment

On Saturday the 3rd of June the Inaugural Welcoming the Whales Festival was held at Albany’s Historic Whaling Station.

The Historic Whaling Station at Discovery Bay is a great day out ordinarily but the Festival was a real treat for locals and visitors with heaps of activities and entertainment throughout the station.

The tuneful Shanty Men kicked off the entertainment fresh from hugely appreciative audiences at the Fairbridge Festival these lads really are very engaging.

City of Albany Mayor Dennis Wellington officially opened the Festival and ABC’s Andrew Collins blew the ceremonial horn to summon the Humpback Whales to the Bay. This naturally worked and to the delight of festival goers a Humpback was spotted in the bay.

Simone Keane and Giles Watson performed some beautiful songs and poems from their gorgeous “Whale Breathing” Album released in 2016.

Informative guest speakers included Maritime Archeologist Adam Wolfe and Environmental Biologist Katelyn Weinert on the main stage. Elsewhere Station personal conducted tours, told stories and shared their knowledge with keen visitors.

The Cheynes IV Whale Chaser was packed with eager explorers while Triple M was broadcasting live from below.

Joey Williams and Catherine Mercer from Poornarti Aboriginal Tours were demonstrating painting and running a hands-on workshop to create a stunning whale mural.

Jamie the Clown… Arrrrr! I mean Captain Scallywagg kept the kiddies from mutiny with his bubble blowing antics and cool face painting. He transformed many a scurvy cur into a marine masterpiece.

The Cira Sea Troupe and Big Top Performers were a huge hit through out the day… just look at the pictures!

The young ladies from the Southern Edge Arts Actors Club presented “The Whale’s Song” in the workshop.

It was really great to see all the hard work and planning come together to culminate in such a great day well done everyone.


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Simone Keane(non-registered)
A beautifully written article and absolutely gorgeous photography Di. It certainly captures a special day where whales apeared in the waters as if on cue for the opening of the festival.
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