Di Sinclair-Thomas Photography | A Celebration of Love, Family and Friends - Emma and Greg

A Celebration of Love, Family and Friends - Emma and Greg

December 15, 2015  •  2 Comments

Emma and Greg's Wedding was a truly lovely occasion the perfect combination of happy kids and relaxed adults.

The ceremony was officiated by John Power at Fisheries Beach we were blessed by perfect weather conditions. The reception was held in the stunning private gardens of James and Sian which was a photographers delight.

The charismatic Andrew was master of Ceremony with Geoff Waldeck and Lez providing great music. The guests also contributed some great music much to ever ones delight.

I wish you both all the best for the adventures ahead and feel very blessed to have been part of your lovely wedding I hope you enjoy your previews xx


Emma and Greg-6793Emma and Greg-6793 Emma and Greg-6805Emma and Greg-6805 Emma and Greg-6840Emma and Greg-6840 Emma and Greg-6874Emma and Greg-6874 Emma and Greg-6916Emma and Greg-6916 Emma and Greg-6930Emma and Greg-6930 Emma and Greg-6963Emma and Greg-6963 Emma and Greg-6940Emma and Greg-6940 Emma and Greg-6988Emma and Greg-6988 Emma and Greg-7012Emma and Greg-7012 Emma and Greg-6998Emma and Greg-6998 Emma and Greg-7021Emma and Greg-7021 Emma and Greg-7029Emma and Greg-7029 Emma and Greg-7015Emma and Greg-7015 Emma and Greg-7035Emma and Greg-7035 Emma and Greg-7050Emma and Greg-7050 Emma and Greg-6278Emma and Greg-6278 Emma and Greg-6267Emma and Greg-6267 Emma and Greg-6281Emma and Greg-6281 Emma and Greg-7097Emma and Greg-7097 Emma and Greg-7116Emma and Greg-7116 Emma and Greg-7126Emma and Greg-7126 Emma and Greg-7148Emma and Greg-7148 Emma and Greg-7211Emma and Greg-7211 Emma and Greg-7255Emma and Greg-7255 Emma and Greg-7263Emma and Greg-7263 Emma and Greg-7291Emma and Greg-7291 Emma and Greg-7312Emma and Greg-7312 Emma and Greg-7362Emma and Greg-7362 Emma and Greg-7369Emma and Greg-7369 Emma and Greg-6324Emma and Greg-6324 Emma and Greg-7424Emma and Greg-7424 Emma and Greg-7428Emma and Greg-7428 Emma and Greg-6349Emma and Greg-6349 Emma and Greg-6360Emma and Greg-6360 Emma and Greg-7464Emma and Greg-7464 Emma and Greg-7474Emma and Greg-7474 Emma and Greg-7481Emma and Greg-7481 Emma and Greg-7492Emma and Greg-7492 Emma and Greg-7524Emma and Greg-7524 Emma and Greg-7555Emma and Greg-7555 Emma and Greg-7570Emma and Greg-7570 Emma and Greg-7578Emma and Greg-7578 Emma and Greg-7581Emma and Greg-7581 Emma and Greg-7591Emma and Greg-7591 Emma and Greg-7593Emma and Greg-7593 Emma and Greg-7605Emma and Greg-7605 Emma and Greg-7746Emma and Greg-7746 Emma and Greg-7736Emma and Greg-7736 Emma and Greg-7646Emma and Greg-7646 Emma and Greg-7655Emma and Greg-7655 Emma and Greg-7664Emma and Greg-7664 Emma and Greg-6379Emma and Greg-6379 Emma and Greg-7765Emma and Greg-7765 Emma and Greg-7772Emma and Greg-7772 Emma and Greg-7773Emma and Greg-7773 Emma and Greg-7685Emma and Greg-7685 Emma and Greg-7695Emma and Greg-7695 Emma and Greg-7707Emma and Greg-7707 Emma and Greg-8143Emma and Greg-8143 Emma and Greg-8009Emma and Greg-8009 Emma and Greg-6566Emma and Greg-6566 Emma and Greg-6569Emma and Greg-6569 Emma and Greg-8197Emma and Greg-8197 Emma and Greg-8206Emma and Greg-8206 Emma and Greg-8230Emma and Greg-8230 Emma and Greg-7820Emma and Greg-7820 Emma and Greg-6620Emma and Greg-6620 Emma and Greg-8408Emma and Greg-8408 Emma and Greg-8419Emma and Greg-8419 Emma and Greg-8447Emma and Greg-8447 Emma and Greg-8498Emma and Greg-8498 Emma and Greg-8500Emma and Greg-8500 Emma and Greg-8543Emma and Greg-8543 Emma and Greg-8547Emma and Greg-8547 Emma and Greg-6691Emma and Greg-6691 Emma and Greg-8567Emma and Greg-8567 Emma and Greg-8581Emma and Greg-8581


Catering Lee-Anne Sugg from The Wandering  Kitchen.

Hair By Renee Rumble

Makeup by Hannah Potter

Cake -  Amy Green

Flowers - Blommin Flowers

Transport - Albany Vintage Car Club

Big thank you to Steph for being a terrific photographers assistant xx





Such fabulous photos of a beautiful day Di. Loved looking at these!
Stunning work Di. You have captured all the colour, joy, love and exuberance of this magical day. Thankyou for your awesome talents!!
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