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Who Gets Married on a Tuesday?

June 16, 2015  •  5 Comments

I had the pleasure of being present at very beautiful wedding on Tuesday.


Why would you get married on a Tuesday? 


Jeanette and Peter were married at age 17 over 50 years ago in Scotland, they had 4 children and later divorced.


Last year they were reunited in Albany while Peter was visiting their children and grandchildren. They rediscovered their love for each other and on Tuesday the 16th of June they remarried on the anniversary of their original wedding.


It was a gorgeous ceremony performed by Canon Edward Argyle and Rev Helen Barnard in St John the Evangelist Church, Albany.  


Here are some previews of Peter and Jeanettes' beautiful wedding.

Peter and Jeanette-29Peter and Jeanette-29 Peter and Jeanette-47Peter and Jeanette-47 Peter and Jeanette-54Peter and Jeanette-54 Peter and Jeanette-60Peter and Jeanette-60 Peter and Jeanette-62Peter and Jeanette-62 Peter and Jeanette-69Peter and Jeanette-69 Peter and Jeanette-74Peter and Jeanette-74 Peter and Jeanette-76Peter and Jeanette-76 Peter and Jeanette-135Peter and Jeanette-135 Peter and Jeanette-167Peter and Jeanette-167 Peter and Jeanette-172Peter and Jeanette-172 Peter and Jeanette-180Peter and Jeanette-180 Peter and Jeanette 2-31Peter and Jeanette 2-31 Peter and Jeanette-231Peter and Jeanette-231 Peter and Jeanette-235Peter and Jeanette-235 Peter and Jeanette-257Peter and Jeanette-257 Peter and Jeanette 2-74Peter and Jeanette 2-74 Peter and Jeanette-272Peter and Jeanette-272 Peter and Jeanette-279Peter and Jeanette-279 Peter and Jeanette-281Peter and Jeanette-281 Peter and Jeanette-290Peter and Jeanette-290

Peter and Jeanette-291Peter and Jeanette-291 Peter and Jeanette-298Peter and Jeanette-298 Peter and Jeanette-300Peter and Jeanette-300 Peter and Jeanette-307Peter and Jeanette-307 Peter and Jeanette-311Peter and Jeanette-311 Peter and Jeanette-326Peter and Jeanette-326       Peter and Jeanette-335Peter and Jeanette-335 Peter and Jeanette-329Peter and Jeanette-329 Peter and Jeanette-343Peter and Jeanette-343 Peter and Jeanette-350Peter and Jeanette-350 Peter and Jeanette-381Peter and Jeanette-381 Peter and Jeanette-385Peter and Jeanette-385 Peter and Jeanette-369Peter and Jeanette-369

The talented local Piper John Corson provided stirring music on his bag pipes which were handed down from his father. 

Makeup by the Tammy Bemben hair by Marlene.

A big thank you to my assistant photographer Sarah Burridge who took some fantastic candid shots of the kids in particular.





Peter Alexander McPhail Tainsh(non-registered)
God's Grace shone upon the happy couple as did the sun, briefly. Fantastic service, reception and photos. Many thanks to Di and Sarah.
Peter Alexander McPhail Tainsh.(non-registered)
God's graced shined upon the happy couple, as did the sun. A fantastic day and fantastic photos. Thanks Di and Sarah.
Ainslie Tainsh(non-registered)
Thank you so very much Di (and Sarah) for taking such a stunning collection of photos. It was such fun working with you and we all treasure these images of Jeanette and Peter's magical day.
Helen Clark(non-registered)
What a fabulous story and photos.
Edward Argyle(non-registered)
Great photos of the happy couple and their family. It was a delightful, very special occasion. God bless them.
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