Di Sinclair-Thomas Photography | Holly and Chris Tie The Knot

Holly and Chris Tie The Knot

March 23, 2016  •  6 Comments

On Saturday the 19th of March 2016 Holly and Chris became Mr and Mrs Harrop.


The touching ceremony was officiated by Kate Thomas on Mount Clarence with Layla, Billie and Louisa all playing a part. The couple were surrounded by family and friends and supported by a stylish bridal party - Ally, Christie, Matt and Paul.


A big thanks to Jan and Chris for opening up their lovely home to rampaging photographers with such good humour.


The little girls and their Nan Norma nearly stole the show with their cuteness. The gorgeous bride ​however was not to be outdone and pulled off a spectacular headstand. Well done Holly!


The reception was held at the Albany Golf Course.


I hope you love your previews xx


Photography Di Sinclair-Thomas and Peter Towers

Hair: Pam Russell BelleHair Travelling Hair Stylist

Make-up: Morgan Annie.

Florist: Hot House Flowers

Cake: Albany Cake Designs

Transport: The Panizza's



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Dawn Kerridge(non-registered)
Beautiful photos!! Felt like I was there viewing the photos!! I love the humor!! Looks like everyone had a ball!!
Helen Donaldson(non-registered)
Lovely photos of a really lovely day. The heart photo worked really well. Thank you for sharing the day xxx
Kim barnard(non-registered)
Absolutely stunning photos you all are just beautiful, congratulations to the Harrop family xxxx
Jane Walker(non-registered)
Beautiful photos. Such a fun day. Di and Peter were great will recommend Di to everyone. Thanks for making memories.
Tony Harrop(non-registered)
Holly you look beautiful just like Chris kept telling me.Oh! And Chris you dont scrub up to badly either. Congrats Guys
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