Miriam and Craig

September 10, 2015  •  3 Comments

We had the most glorious spring afternoon for Miriam and Craig's engagement shoot.

It was really lovely to wander around some pretty, sunny spots and get to know this gorgeous couple better before the big day.

I hope you like these previews as much as I do Miriam and Craig.

Miriam and Craig-3Miriam and Craig-3 Miriam and Craig-21Miriam and Craig-21 Miriam and Craig-56Miriam and Craig-56 Miriam and Craig-56-2Miriam and Craig-56-2 Miriam and Craig-65-2Miriam and Craig-65-2 Miriam and Craig-129Miriam and Craig-129 Miriam and Craig-134Miriam and Craig-134 Miriam and Craig-134-2Miriam and Craig-134-2 Miriam and Craig-164Miriam and Craig-164 Miriam and Craig-180Miriam and Craig-180 Miriam and Craig-199Miriam and Craig-199 Miriam and Craig-250Miriam and Craig-250 Miriam and Craig-255Miriam and Craig-255 Miriam and Craig-257Miriam and Craig-257 Miriam and Craig-258Miriam and Craig-258


Tracy Arnold(non-registered)
AWWW!! What lovely pics of two beautiful people. ♡ Awesome. Xxx
Martina Schlichting-Thieme(non-registered)
Ihr seid ein traumschönes Paar ❤❤❤
Ich wünsche euch alles Glück der Welt!!!
ark Burridge(non-registered)
Absolutely Beautiful photos you really captured their love for each other. favourite photo the nose to nose shot
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