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Miriam and Craig

November 09, 2015  •  2 Comments

I had the pleasure of being part of the lovely wedding of Craig and Miriam Little on Sunday. 

The ceremony was officiated by Major Paul at the Salvation Army Church Albany. Craig and Miriam were surrounded by their family and friends many of whom travelled a long way to be part of their special day. The reception was held at the Vintage Car Club where we were all treated to dancing lessons to everyones amusement and enjoyment.

Who would have thought that such a beautiful love story and family could start at the Jerramungup Roadhouse? 

Thank you guys for a great day it was lovely to meet all your family and friends. I hope you like your previews.


Craig and Miriam-8165Craig and Miriam-8165 Sophie-8200Sophie-8200 Craig and Miriam-8206Craig and Miriam-8206 Craig and Miriam-8222Craig and Miriam-8222 Craig and Miriam-8240Craig and Miriam-8240 Craig and Miriam-8260Craig and Miriam-8260 Craig and Miriam-8267Craig and Miriam-8267 Craig and Miriam-8269Craig and Miriam-8269 Sophie-8274Sophie-8274 Craig and Miriam-8285Craig and Miriam-8285 Craig and Miriam-8313Craig and Miriam-8313 Craig and Miriam-8363Craig and Miriam-8363 Sophie-8415Sophie-8415 Craig and Miriam-8426Craig and Miriam-8426 Craig and Miriam-8428Craig and Miriam-8428 Craig and Miriam-8435Craig and Miriam-8435 Sophie-8499Sophie-8499 Sophie-8519Sophie-8519 Craig and Miriam-8569Craig and Miriam-8569 Sophie-8572Sophie-8572 Sophie-8576Sophie-8576 Craig and Miriam-8599Craig and Miriam-8599 Craig and Miriam-8743Craig and Miriam-8743 Craig and Miriam-8781Craig and Miriam-8781 Craig and Miriam-8802Craig and Miriam-8802 Craig and Miriam-8808Craig and Miriam-8808 Craig and Miriam-8850Craig and Miriam-8850 Craig and Miriam-8887Craig and Miriam-8887 Craig and Miriam-8895Craig and Miriam-8895 Craig and Miriam-8897Craig and Miriam-8897 Craig and Miriam-8899Craig and Miriam-8899 Craig and Miriam-8904Craig and Miriam-8904 Sophie-8909Sophie-8909 Craig and Miriam-8910Craig and Miriam-8910 Craig and Miriam-8914Craig and Miriam-8914 Craig and Miriam-8939Craig and Miriam-8939

Craig and Miriam-8974Craig and Miriam-8974

Craig and Miriam-8976Craig and Miriam-8976 Craig and Miriam-8978Craig and Miriam-8978 Craig and Miriam-8985Craig and Miriam-8985 Craig and Miriam-9049Craig and Miriam-9049 Craig and Miriam-9053Craig and Miriam-9053 Craig and Miriam-9059Craig and Miriam-9059 Craig and Miriam-9072Craig and Miriam-9072 Craig and Miriam-9076Craig and Miriam-9076 Craig and Miriam-9080Craig and Miriam-9080 Sophie-9095Sophie-9095 Craig and Miriam-9104Craig and Miriam-9104 Craig and Miriam-9108Craig and Miriam-9108 Craig and Miriam-9115Craig and Miriam-9115 Craig and Miriam-9119Craig and Miriam-9119 Craig and Miriam-9195Craig and Miriam-9195 Craig and Miriam-9236Craig and Miriam-9236 Sophie-9258Sophie-9258 Craig and Miriam-9309Craig and Miriam-9309


Hair by Pamela Russell of Bellehair Traveling Hairstylist

Makeup Artist Jo Pinchin of Makeup By Jolene

Flowers by Blooming Flowers

Cake by Kelsey Hortin

Photography by Di Sinclair-Thomas and Sarah Jane Burridge






Angelika and Christian(non-registered)
Dear Miriam and Craig, Congratulations. Thank You for a beautiful day. Gorgeous photos.
Paul & Mia & Dominick little(non-registered)
Beautiful photos , congratulations to you both , so sorry we could not make it over , Photos are fantastic , you have done such a wonderful job on capturing pure love .
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