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Breeana and Taylor

January 14, 2016  •  1 Comment


Breeana and Taylor exchanged their vows to become man and wife on the 9th of January in the lovely St Johns Church Albany. The touching ceremony was performed by Reverend Alan Taylor.

Breeana and Taylor seem to be blessed by a huge network of loving and supportive family and friends who all helped in many ways to make this a wonderful day.

Their bridal party were a terrific, fun loving and stylish crew who made taking photos a lots of fun - so thank you and I hope you love your previews.


Breeana and Taylor-9319Breeana and Taylor-9319 Breeana and Taylor-9356Breeana and Taylor-9356 Breeana and Taylor-9454Breeana and Taylor-9454 Breeana and Taylor-9460Breeana and Taylor-9460 Breeana and Taylor-9475Breeana and Taylor-9475 Breeana and Taylor-9543Breeana and Taylor-9543 Breeana and Taylor-9738-2Breeana and Taylor-9738-2 Breeana and Taylor-9559Breeana and Taylor-9559 Breeana and Taylor-9574Breeana and Taylor-9574 Breeana and Taylor-9582Breeana and Taylor-9582 Breeana and Taylor-9683Breeana and Taylor-9683 Breeana and Taylor-9697Breeana and Taylor-9697 Breeana and Taylor-9702Breeana and Taylor-9702 Breeana and Taylor-9742Breeana and Taylor-9742 Breeana and Taylor-9758Breeana and Taylor-9758 Breeana and Taylor-9765Breeana and Taylor-9765 Breeana and Taylor-9785Breeana and Taylor-9785 Breeana and Taylor-9896-2Breeana and Taylor-9896-2 Breeana and Taylor-9864Breeana and Taylor-9864 Breeana and Taylor-9872Breeana and Taylor-9872 Breeana and Taylor-9877Breeana and Taylor-9877 Breeana and Taylor-9882Breeana and Taylor-9882 Breeana and Taylor-9894Breeana and Taylor-9894 Breeana and Taylor-9916Breeana and Taylor-9916 Breeana and Taylor-9928Breeana and Taylor-9928 Breeana and Taylor-9941Breeana and Taylor-9941 Breeana and Taylor-9949-2Breeana and Taylor-9949-2 Breeana and Taylor-9946Breeana and Taylor-9946 Breeana and Taylor-9953Breeana and Taylor-9953 Breeana and Taylor-9972Breeana and Taylor-9972 Breeana and Taylor-9970-2Breeana and Taylor-9970-2 Breeana and Taylor-9985-2Breeana and Taylor-9985-2 Breeana and Taylor-0054Breeana and Taylor-0054 Breeana and Taylor-0060Breeana and Taylor-0060 Breeana and Taylor-0084Breeana and Taylor-0084 Breeana and Taylor-0125Breeana and Taylor-0125 Breeana and Taylor-0127Breeana and Taylor-0127 Breeana and Taylor-0144Breeana and Taylor-0144 Breeana and Taylor-0146Breeana and Taylor-0146 Breeana and Taylor-0156Breeana and Taylor-0156 Breeana and Taylor-0166Breeana and Taylor-0166 Breeana and Taylor-0173Breeana and Taylor-0173 Breeana and Taylor-0183Breeana and Taylor-0183 Breeana and Taylor-0192Breeana and Taylor-0192 Breeana and Taylor-0217Breeana and Taylor-0217 Breeana and Taylor-0235Breeana and Taylor-0235 Breeana and Taylor-0252Breeana and Taylor-0252 Breeana and Taylor-0289Breeana and Taylor-0289 Breeana and Taylor-0312Breeana and Taylor-0312 Breeana and Taylor-0342Breeana and Taylor-0342 Breeana and Taylor-0360Breeana and Taylor-0360 Breeana and Taylor-0371Breeana and Taylor-0371 Breeana and Taylor-0378Breeana and Taylor-0378 Breeana and Taylor-0396Breeana and Taylor-0396 Breeana and Taylor-0402Breeana and Taylor-0402 Breeana and Taylor-0409Breeana and Taylor-0409 Breeana and Taylor-0415Breeana and Taylor-0415 Breeana and Taylor-0455Breeana and Taylor-0455 Breeana and Taylor-0465Breeana and Taylor-0465 Breeana and Taylor-0467Breeana and Taylor-0467 Breeana and Taylor-0491Breeana and Taylor-0491 Breeana and Taylor-0500Breeana and Taylor-0500 Breeana and Taylor-0529Breeana and Taylor-0529 Breeana and Taylor-0543Breeana and Taylor-0543 Breeana and Taylor-0549Breeana and Taylor-0549 Breeana and Taylor-0565Breeana and Taylor-0565 Breeana and Taylor-0608Breeana and Taylor-0608 Breeana and Taylor-0629Breeana and Taylor-0629 Breeana and Taylor-0636Breeana and Taylor-0636 Breeana and Taylor-0166-2Breeana and Taylor-0166-2 Breeana and Taylor-0666Breeana and Taylor-0666 Breeana and Taylor-0687Breeana and Taylor-0687 Breeana and Taylor-0698Breeana and Taylor-0698 Breeana and Taylor-0182-2Breeana and Taylor-0182-2 Breeana and Taylor-0182-2-2Breeana and Taylor-0182-2-2 Breeana and Taylor-0708Breeana and Taylor-0708 Breeana and Taylor-0257-2Breeana and Taylor-0257-2 Breeana and Taylor-0791Breeana and Taylor-0791 Breeana and Taylor-0335-2Breeana and Taylor-0335-2 Breeana and Taylor-0368-2Breeana and Taylor-0368-2 Breeana and Taylor-0394Breeana and Taylor-0394 Breeana and Taylor-0425-2Breeana and Taylor-0425-2 Breeana and Taylor-0849Breeana and Taylor-0849 Breeana and Taylor-0881Breeana and Taylor-0881 Breeana and Taylor-0936Breeana and Taylor-0936 Breeana and Taylor-0947Breeana and Taylor-0947 Breeana and Taylor-0948Breeana and Taylor-0948 Breeana and Taylor-0475-2Breeana and Taylor-0475-2

Hair stylist Danika

Make up artist  Biannca

Cake by Auntie Tammy

Videography by Ollie

Florist Hot house flowers

Photography by Di Sinclair-Thomas and Peter Towers


Ann Holland(non-registered)
Your beautiful photos meet all of my anticipated expectations as a very proud mother/mother-in-law. Just sooo very happy, Thankyou Di!
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