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Charmaine and Anthony

January 28, 2016  •  2 Comments

Charmaine and Anthony said "I do" in the courtyard of the picturesque Southern End Function Centre on the 23rd of January 2016.

The couple were blessed with an amazing summer day and surrounded by family and friends many of whom travelled to make this a special celebration.

Celebrant Wendy Ann Freeland performed a touching and humorous ceremony.

Hair Stylist - Pamella Russell of Bellehair.

Make up artist - Special Occasion Makeup by Tammy 

Cake - Sweet Cherub

Photography Di Sinclair-Thomas and Sarah Burridge


I hope you like your previews xx

Charmaine and Anthony-1575Charmaine and Anthony-1575 Charmaine and Anthony-1578Charmaine and Anthony-1578 Charmaine and Anthony-1585Charmaine and Anthony-1585 Charmaine and Anthony-1599Charmaine and Anthony-1599 Charmaine and Anthony-1644Charmaine and Anthony-1644 Charmaine and Anthony-1650Charmaine and Anthony-1650 Charmaine and Anthony-1657Charmaine and Anthony-1657 Charmaine and Anthony-1710Charmaine and Anthony-1710 Charmaine and Anthony-1713Charmaine and Anthony-1713 Charmaine and Anthony-1727Charmaine and Anthony-1727 Charmaine and Anthony-1738Charmaine and Anthony-1738 Charmaine and Anthony-1740Charmaine and Anthony-1740 Charmaine and Anthony-1762Charmaine and Anthony-1762 Charmaine and Anthony-1773Charmaine and Anthony-1773 Charmaine and Anthony-1779Charmaine and Anthony-1779 Charmaine and Anthony-1793Charmaine and Anthony-1793 Charmaine and Anthony-1808Charmaine and Anthony-1808 Charmaine and Anthony-1819Charmaine and Anthony-1819 Charmaine and Anthony-1837Charmaine and Anthony-1837 Charmaine and Anthony-1853Charmaine and Anthony-1853 Charmaine and Anthony-1890Charmaine and Anthony-1890 Charmaine and Anthony-1896Charmaine and Anthony-1896 Charmaine and Anthony-7562Charmaine and Anthony-7562 Charmaine and Anthony-1942Charmaine and Anthony-1942 Charmaine and Anthony-1943Charmaine and Anthony-1943 Charmaine and Anthony-1973Charmaine and Anthony-1973 Charmaine and Anthony-1979Charmaine and Anthony-1979 Charmaine and Anthony-7596Charmaine and Anthony-7596 Charmaine and Anthony-1981Charmaine and Anthony-1981 Charmaine and Anthony-2006Charmaine and Anthony-2006 Charmaine and Anthony-2060Charmaine and Anthony-2060 Charmaine and Anthony-2071Charmaine and Anthony-2071 Charmaine and Anthony-2090Charmaine and Anthony-2090 Charmaine and Anthony-2217Charmaine and Anthony-2217 Charmaine and Anthony-2220Charmaine and Anthony-2220 Charmaine and Anthony-2222Charmaine and Anthony-2222 Charmaine and Anthony-2228Charmaine and Anthony-2228 Charmaine and Anthony-2243Charmaine and Anthony-2243 Charmaine and Anthony-2247Charmaine and Anthony-2247 Charmaine and Anthony-7702Charmaine and Anthony-7702 Charmaine and Anthony-2256Charmaine and Anthony-2256 Charmaine and Anthony-7711Charmaine and Anthony-7711 Charmaine and Anthony-7716Charmaine and Anthony-7716 Charmaine and Anthony-2279Charmaine and Anthony-2279 Charmaine and Anthony-7720Charmaine and Anthony-7720 Charmaine and Anthony-2299Charmaine and Anthony-2299 Charmaine and Anthony-2332Charmaine and Anthony-2332 Charmaine and Anthony-2362Charmaine and Anthony-2362 Charmaine and Anthony-2383Charmaine and Anthony-2383 Charmaine and Anthony-2399Charmaine and Anthony-2399 Charmaine and Anthony-2403Charmaine and Anthony-2403 Charmaine and Anthony-7747Charmaine and Anthony-7747 Charmaine and Anthony-2419Charmaine and Anthony-2419 Charmaine and Anthony-2421Charmaine and Anthony-2421 Charmaine and Anthony-2486Charmaine and Anthony-2486 Charmaine and Anthony-2496Charmaine and Anthony-2496 Charmaine and Anthony-2499Charmaine and Anthony-2499




Linda and Brian jones(non-registered)
Charming and Anthony you both look so happy. We are so happy for you Charming that you have finally found your prince charming. Be blessed and happy. The pictures are gorgeous and you look like an angel.
Wendy Freeland(non-registered)
Well done Di, excellent pics as usual
No comments posted.

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